“You can be your own hero but who calls oneself a devil?”- An Interview with Geetika Jain

geetika jain

Saving a bit from her busy life, today we have Geetika Jain, whom we bombarded with questions(maybe silly, but she answered them all *wink*), but before you give it a read, here are a few things about Geetika Jain.

Geetika Jain is the author of NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE, published by Heritage Publishers, India. She is someone who talks through her writings more than she would say otherwise. She is introspective, a dreamer, and one who lives life by what the heart says. On a more practical level, she stays between few but chosen people, is simple yet fun-loving, a bit of a shopaholic and a big-time foodie(something that we relate to).

So let’s get started with her answers.


BP: So, how has life been lately?

GJ: Pretty good! Busy, scheduled and sorted. I keep juggling between my work, ‘extra’ studies, family and personal space. There’s a good balance between things right now and I cherish what I have. The best part is that I have what I want and don’t have what I don’t want, which makes it good.


BP: Your book, ‘Not Just a Pretty Face’ is written in a diary format dealing with the life of a girl named Simi. So why did you choose it to be in such a way when a different form of narrative would have been easier to write?

GJ: Diaries are usually written in first person. However, I personally don’t like the first person narrative much. So I chose to have the format in third person which also gives a nice feel of a storyline that is dealing with a character’s life. Also, one can build more perspective in that way than what one could have done in first person. There’s more to say and depict than what a character can say by him/herself. I mean, ‘You can be your own hero but who calls oneself a devil?’.


BP: How did publishing your own book affect your life? How close is it to you?

GJ: Publishing my book has tremendously changed the way I think and feel about things in life. Writing is one experience, and closing that perspective to move on to a new one, is another. That’s what publishing has done for me. So, I’ve moved on from that level of thought. It has improved the quality of my life as well as my writings.

How close the book is to me! Honestly, not as much as one might think. I cherish it as my first and always will, but it seems that I’ve actually grown up from there.


BP: So, Have you written more stuff since then or this is your most recent work?

GJ: Well, I’ve written two more books which are in the draft manuscript stage and some poetry in Hindi and English both. The Hindi poetry can be read on my Facebook Page ‘Arzz Kiya Hai’ by the username @shayari.by.geetika. There are about a hundred of such original verses which will soon be published through a traditional channel. You may find a few, and they are actually few, of my English poetry on my Facebook author page, Geetika Jain.

I also write quotations or one-liners, some of which may be found on my twitter handle @geetikaj1.  


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BP: We have a general procedure of digging out information about a person before interviewing them, but we couldn’t do the same for you. Does Geetika Jain like to be reserved about her own life, or is there any other reason for not being too socially active as an author?

GJ: Being social is not my cup of tea. Yupp, I’m quite reserved when it comes to being a people’s person. But generally speaking, it is all about breaking the ice. There is a soft and simple core which is too sociable, but yes, up to a limit. Most of the times I can manage, but I can’t compromise on my personal space yet.


BP: How much time did it take you to write the book? Anything worth a mention about that period?

GJ: Seven years for just 128 pages to start with! I used to write one-liners since I was in school and moved to short stories sometime when I was in college. Never thought I would publish it. .

But a time came when I had nothing more to add to these short stories and found that they somewhat string into a book which may give the readers a certain perspective about life and self. So I chose to publish it. And here you go with my first book.


BP: How difficult was it to find a fine publisher who would accept your book as its own and lead it to the hands of the readers?

GJ: Decent enough! I self-published the same book with Amazon in 2012 but it turned out to be too expensive for the Indian market. It took me about four years to get to the point when I was ready to launch it for the Indian readers and found a publisher, amongst many, who took it up and that too a year after I had sent the proposal to them. I’m quite happy with the professionalism Heritage Publishers have shown in treating the content which was a raw set of stories written in a very inconsistent language initially.


BP: What does Geetika Jain love to do when she is not busy with her daily chores and not writing?

GJ: Eat well and sleep well! That pretty much defines all that I love to do in my free time.


BP: What would be your idea of a perfect holiday?

GJ: A beach-side, unexplored, few friends, long talks, some good music and a volleyball court! Traveling with a notepad and pen, of course!  


BP: What would your message be for the girls out there who need to believe that they are not just a pretty face, but have a personality which is worth a lot more?

GJ: Well, it’s about discovering who you are rather than what the world wants you to be. Once, you are sure of the good, the bad and the ugly that goes in you; you are more firm about projecting what you want the world to perceive about you.

So, be yourself! Good, Bad, ugly…whatever! ‘Just be a good one’ as quoted by Lincoln, and you’ll find your way up from there.


And that’s a wrap!

We are really grateful to Geetika Jain for the time that she spared for the interview, we do know we trouble a bit. And Thank you dear reader , for reading till the end. We appreciate your time as well.

Interviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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