Review Pen: The Quantum Reality of Life by Saravanan Marimuthu

Saravanan Marimuthu

Author– Saravanan Marimuthu

Book– The Quantum Reality of Life

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Seeking is a natural attribute of mankind that propels us through time to find answers to the known unknowns. But in today’s materialistic world, the notion of seeking has been misdirected, forcing us to create false identities attached to our artificially created concepts. And when such identities are challenged, we build emotions which constitute our actions to protect them, often resulting in destructive outcomes.

In this book, I have tried to explore & elucidate few perplexing questions, to which we all seek answers, through the concepts of Science, Religion & Spirituality. But is it possible that these three concepts of mankind are essentially the same, which have been interpreted by our ancestors in different ways at different points throughout our history? And could science be the unifier of all these concepts that can then be quantified & summarized into a single accepted Theory of Mankind? Can our latest discoveries in Quantum Mechanics & its associated theories help us in achieving this objective?


The Quantum Reality of Life by Saravanan Marimuthu is a non-fiction that correlates spirituality and its various other counterparts to science and mostly physics.

The book does notable justice to its title, by linking reality to the quantum of everything that denotes the most probable explanations.

The concept of life itself is a debatable topic. While the fanatics choose to believe anything that goes in accordance with their beliefs, the realists tend to question whenever they cannot find the right reason behind something. With the two sects separated since the start, it’s rather tough to find a common ground. This book does the effort to do so.

Even though I have read quite a few books in this field, the author’s effort is worth appreciation. The table of contents reflects the execution plan of the book. Starting with the explanation of Quantum mechanics and then following with the concept of thoughts was a rather proper approach. Since the entire existence of beliefs are a result of the thoughts we have, explaining their nature first, before trying to throw light on anything that might remotely challenge an individual’s faith was indeed a smart choice. Even though a reader might be willing to handle some criticism, it is always the right choice to go slow and as in this case, with explanations.

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Saravanan Marimuthu

Then the book moves to the birth of the human body with the evolution chapter and then the main event starts with the introduction of religion, spirituality, and the various notions of existence. The proper description of the rest chapters, if provided, will make the review, spoiler ridden and might ruin the experience of the reader who chooses to read the review first. The rest of the chapters try to enlighten the most debated spiritual aspects and hence need no explanation for the nature of connectivity they possess.

Physics is the most highlighted simplification of the book, which indicates the author’s interest in that area. There are other aspects like biology, psychology as well, used to provide a better understanding, but the use of physics stands out the most. The use of the technical terms can be noticed, which might be off-limits for a layman.

The book is an interpretation of the author’s thoughts and hence should be read with no personal expectations.

The chapters conclude that be it the beliefs, the teachings, or the logical explanation behind any statement, what makes the most impact are the actions of an individual.

Ratings- 4 stars out of 5

Even though not in layman’s terms, the book does the best possible to be self-explanatory for the reader. But the best possible might not be enough for all. The book may appeal to the ones who are looking for challenging reads. When not from the related field, the book needs to be thoroughly read, with a bit of the individual research from the reader’s part. This makes the book a commitment of sorts and the reader should be ready for it.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About Saravanan Marimuthu-

Saravanan Marimuthu is a dynamic, young and successful second generation entrepreneur, and an active traveler having explored more than 30 countries around the world. The author holds engineering in the Electronics background and proficient management skills. Being an avid reader, he developed great interest towards physics, cosmology and spirituality.He went on to discover the depth of various speculations about life, ended up having unanswered questions and ambiguous thoughts. His search for the known unknowns led him to author this book. Here are his thoughts drawing analogies and correlations between the modern theories of physics and ancient beliefs of spirituality & religion.

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