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Nandita Saini

AuthorNandita Saini

Book– World’s Best Husband

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We have read stories of Love-Marriages, Arrange-Marriages and Love-cum-Arrange Marriages. This is a heart-warming story of an Arrange-cum-Love Marriage of a 24-year-old boy Advik and 22-year-old girl Nandini. Too busy in enjoying their life and too young to think about marriage. How did their thoughts change about marriage in just 2 days after they met? Perfect first Arranged-Date, Perfect courtship period, Perfect bonding and Perfect togetherness before and after marriage. Then what caused her to be despondent and depressed after marriage?

This is the story about how Advik changed her perspectives, helped her resolve her issues and strengthened the bond of love and attachment.

Women say Men change after Marriage, here a wife is happily saying she changed herself for her husband. What made her believe totally in him and have blind faith on him?

Their issues are not just theirs. They are faced by many girls after marriage, in our society.

How can every Advik and every Nandini make a difference in their life and bring about a Change in Society? Let’s uncover their enchanting love story.


World’s best husband by Nandita Saini, can be called the story of almost every woman in India, who gets married. Now the ending and the plot twists might be different but the central idea remains the same.

Nandini nearly had her life figured out when her parents dropped the wedding bomb on her. With the plans for her future and a career ladder to climb, she decided against marriage but went ahead with meeting the guy, just to make her family happy.

Advik seemed to be everything that Nandini had wanted for her. The good looks, the charm, the simplicity and above it all, the respect with which he treated her, won her over and she was eager for the wedding bells to ring.

As the two got ready for their journey called life, the usual obstacles that a married couple faces in India, come into the scene.

The initial parts of the book can be called boring. For someone who has read dreamy love stories and even the crazy ones, the book would really be challenging to keep reading. But then the author adds the cheese (I could say spice but it isn’t spicy, so cheese it is). The ending, unlike what I had expected was a deep lesson.

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Women in India are worshipped in the temples and abused inside homes, hence women empowerment tends to preach women to stand up for their rights. I had expected the book to end with a confrontation between the girl and her in-laws. I had assumed she would make them understand that they should learn to respect her as well. The opposite happens, and though it might not seem the best way to end the story, in all practicality, I congratulate the author for doing so.

Years of being looked down upon, and we have cultivated a habit of rebelling against anything that doesn’t accept us. The author throws the light on a rather understanding side of marriage. Advik urges Nandini to try and cope with his family who has no understanding of the concept of respect for her.

It seemed out of place to me. Trying to make peace with someone who doesn’t even respect you, by bowing your head in front of them, its definitely a revolting idea. But then reality hit me. Not every situation is in favor of you, and no path is flowery. If the road to a happy married life goes through people with an age-old mindset, some sacrifices can be made. This is what the author highlights and it is true. After a certain age, certain kinds of people never change. Their ideologies will be absorbed in them, a slight effort for change will feel like an attack. And to confront such people with a modern mindset, would only add arguments and sour faces in your life.

The book would be a great read for beginners and even the ones who enjoy light reading.

Ratings- 2.5 stars out of 5

The book is not for seasoned readers. The writing could be improved to a great extent and any additions could be made to the storyline. The lesson was a, one mention in one chapter, I would have appreciated it more had it been a slow realization rather than a conversation.

The author’s narration has a place for improvement, while the writing has an important meaning, it would be great to see the writing style to be molded into something better, which would add even more substance to what the author wishes to convey via her story.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About Nandita Saini-

Nandita Saini was born and brought up in Gujarat, India, in a family of a Government official. She is an Electronics and Communication Engineer and Master of Business Administration by Education. She is a Data Scientist by profession, passionately pursuing her career in Artificial Intelligence. She earned the title of ‘Winner of Best Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Solution’ by Dubai Government Organisation. She likes to continuously upgrade her skill set and explore new exciting ventures in her life. She currently lives in Dubai with her loving family, who is her biggest support system, motivation, and strength. Her day never completes without exercise, yoga, music, and spending quality time with her family. She is passionate about exploring new places and world cultures with her family and friends.

Women Empowerment is very close to her heart. She stepped into writing to pour out her innermost feelings, touch lives, hold hands, and collaborate to make this a better place.


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