Review Pen: The Light Catcher by Sameer Chopra

Sameer Chopra

Author– Sameer Chopra

Book– The Light Catcher

Previous Works– Debut Novel

Publishers– White Falcon Publishing

Number of Pages– 303

Format– Paperback


A captivating story about each one of us who strive to achieve a different life.
In the vibrant metropolis of Delhi, a young man is embarking upon a path he has always loathed, a ‘highly sought after’ job at a financial corporation which, though seemingly conventional, carries with it a promise of better life.

Purab has got this position after his graduation, but nothing in his education has prepared him for how things work in the corporate world. The only saving grace in the office is beautiful Rati, one of his colleagues. While he adores her, she has her own reasons to seek his affection.

They inch closer amid a stifling work environment which affects them both. He finds solace in photography and it quickly becomes his passion. Rati however develops a boundless professional ambition. Will they endure this clash and be able to save their relationship or would it end in a heartbreak and start a journey of no returns? 

A delightful read for anyone who is a part of corporate world. You will feel right at home and you will love it more if you have dreams of your own. For photographers and photography enthusiasts, it’s a must read. I got to know so much about the craft from it. Loved the characters, loved the story. An amazing book.


The Light Catcher by Sameer Chopra is a fictional take on how life could take turns at being turned upside down and how one needs to stick to the one thing that drives them.

The story was about Purab, who enters the corporate world to fit in with a job that promises of a better life. His weekends and history, pull him towards photography which lays as a temptation till he feels betrayed by emotions. A long drive and a big decision later, he finds himself looking into photography as a field and then the saga of thorns before roses encounter him.

He goes broke, and has to sell his belongings to pay off loans, all that pain because of his passion of the capturing. He does what he has to do, in order to survive and eventually he gains experience in a variety of fields and years later, he finds himself standing where he had started. But with his life changes and the priorities differing.

The story is inspiring. It doesn’t leave you with the sweet promises of following your dreams, it rather focuses on the hard part. It educates us about the struggle that we forget to notice.

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The author, Sameer Chopra takes the reader on the journey of Purab’s hardships and his way of tackling those. It was really good to read about someone who found one way or another to keep the passion burning, even if the situations suggested otherwise. The plot line is very candid. Each and every twist and turn that we read about, had a huge possibility of happening if Purab was a real person. Not anytime the book makes you think that reality doesn’t happen that way, and that was my favorite thing about the book.

The book becomes a serious read for anyone who is interested in photography, as the details of Purab’s internships are explained and is a trove of technicalities. For someone who understands the working of the camera, the reader could actually experiment with the methods stated in the book and try those.

The book is narrated from a third person narrative and it dwells in two timelines, one being the present and the other being the past, both of which are written in third person.

The book sports a well designed cover, whose depths can be measured only after reading the book. At first the silhouette of the man, the skyscrapers and the tree did not make much sense to me. But once I was done reading, I noticed the camera in the hands of the man and the reference to Purab’s passion.

The title, “The light Catcher” starts making sense towards the end when Purab explains how the love of his life is the light he seeks. The interlinking of the love, life, and struggle is what makes the book worth reading.


Cover- 4 stars

Title- 4 stars

Blurb- 3.5 stars

Plot- 3.5 star

Writing and Presentation- 3 star

Overall- 3.6 stars out of 5

The book lagged behind in presentation, there were parts that were too long and too detailed. They not only added up to the number of pages but also at times tested the patience of the reader.

For a story that mentions two different timelines, writing the narrative in the present tense is not a great decision. A prominent use of past tense to write the book, would have given the reader a sense of ease and reliability.

The book had numerous editing errors that could be easily spotted, and a bit of re-editing would be lovely to consider.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About Sameer Chopra-

Sameer Chopra is a financial sector professional and an avid photographer.  You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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