Review Pen: The Death Story By Amay Saxena


Book– The Death Story
Author– Amay Saxena
Previous Work– Debut Novel
Author Contact-
Publishers– Partridge India
ISBN-13- 978-1482886337
Number Of Pages– 185

One misty night, a young writer was travelling from Kalka to Mumbai in train. He was enjoying his cold journey when a young beautiful woman entered his compartment. To pass time, she offered to tell him a story. He hesitated firstly but agreed later.

The rest of the night, she told him a story about a woman who never wanted to kill her husband but ended up murdering him.

So, what was the reason behind murdering him? Let’s find out…

A late night journey turns into a storytelling session when the young writer meets a lady who narrates a story of a woman who was troubled by an entity because of her family’s past.
The woman named Neha, possessed by the evil, murders her own husband and then flees to search the reason behind her misfortunes.
Her quest leads her to the confidante of her grandfather who reveals the identity of the spirit troubling her.
Frightened and traumatized after killing the love if her life, Neha seeks for methods to get rid of the evil that wants to see her dead.
Will she succeed? Or will the death story end with her death?

The story is a good effort and even   there are some bits of suspense in the plot.

Cover- 1 star
Title- 1.5 star
Blurb- 1 star
Plot- 0.5 star
Writing and Presentation- 1 star
Overall rating- 1 out of 5 stars

The language used in the book is not up to the mark as in terms of a book that should be published.
The presentation is hardly fair.
The plot has many loopholes, for example, Peter asked Neha whether she was mentally strong as spirits possess the ones mentally weak and then he mentioned her husband being brave as he attacked her.
Neha’s husband had not attacked her. Neha agreed that she was mentally strong, while she was the one who was possessed and had murdered her husband.

The author had tried to portray Neha as a confused and troubled woman but her statements and behaviour gave more of an egoistic approach to her character.
The detectives seemed more of cowards and confused people rather than displaying any characteristics if being brave and intelligent enough to have solved cases in the past.
The solving of Ali’s case was more of a chance thing than any actual investigation involved.
The story ends causing huge disappointment in the reader because of the way the evil is defeated.
The author has tried to make it interesting but has not succeeded because of poor story telling skills and a not so good plot.
Overally, there is place for a lot of improvement and it would be appreciated if the author takes some time to refine his skills before writing another piece of published work.

Reviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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