Review Pen: Somewhere in a Song by Kavya Janani

Kavya Janani

Author– Kavya Janani

Book Somewhere in a song

Previous Works–  21 Pearls

Publishers– Amazon Kindle

Number of Pages–  42

Format– Ebook


Emma Justin, a young hypnotherapist, is obsessed with a song composed by independent musician Kevin Roberts. There are two reasons for her obsession.

The song has a haunting tune that sounded so familiar.

The singer, Sarah Jane Davies, sounds exactly like her.

But Sarah Jane has disappeared without a trace after recording the song. No matter how hard she searches, Emma could find no detail. Meanwhile, Kevin reveals something startling in a TV interview. How does that affect Emma?

Join Emma Justin on her journey to find the truth behind her obsession, battling depression and basking in success simultaneously


Somewhere in a song by Kavya Janani is an intriguing thriller, dealing with hypnosis, and musicomania.

Emma Justin, despite being a hypnotherapist had a knack for singing and wanted to make it to the music industry. A good number of dejections later, she stumbled across an album.  Emma, was not able to get over a song by a musician named Kevin Roberts, but the reason behind her obsession was not just the song. There was something about it that captured her interest. The singer sounds exactly like her when she never remembered recording the song and even the song seemed near to her soul. Unable to fathom the depth of her feelings, Emma could feel herself being drove towards insanity till she found how it all started.

The book Somewhere in a song is a short read, but the amount of plot that the 42 pages behold, is rather surprising. The plot was unpredictable because I was not familiar with the concept of musicomania and then adding hypnosis to it, just leveled up.  While reading the book, the reader might expect the plot to surprise them and the book does the job rather well. The pages ended in a jiffy and even though the plot started with some confusion, with me guessing that there might be a certain loophole in it, it ended in a way that answers all your questions.

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It’s difficult to write much about the plot since the book is a short story and trying to not reveal something without giving spoilers is a tough job.

The story is written on two timelines, dealing with the time when the song was recorded and the time when the song was released.

The writing is fast paced yet lucid. It might take some rather stern concentration to be in track with the story because of the change in the timelines.

The book sports a cover that perfectly goes with the plot setting as one would imagine Emma on the cover. The same goes for the title, which is a rather smart choice for the story. The blurb is precise and the right amount to make a reader decide whether they want to read the book or not.


Cover- 4.5 stars

Title- 4 stars

Blurb- 4 stars

Plot- 4 star

Writing and Presentation- 4 star

Overall- 4.1 stars out of 5

The plot was very confusing at times, and there were times when I read and re-read the chapters to keep an account on things. The book is rather fast paced and leaves the reader wanting more. The ones who live for the love of reading, might think that the book ended before it started, even though the plot was promising.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About Kavya Janani-

Kavya Janani. U is the author of 21 Pearls, a collection of multi-genre short stories. She started writing from the age of ten and published a few stories in her school magazine. She has published many short stories in YourStoryClub, Readomania and Tell-A-Tale websites. She has won Editor’s Choice Award for her stories ‘One Last Time’, ‘Christmas Eve’, and ‘Man Booker Prize’ and Story of the Month Award for ‘Man Booker Prize’ in YourStoryClub website. She is also an active writer in Wattpad, YourQuote and Mirakee. Apart from being a writer, she is a professional singer, Bharatanatyam dancer, keyboard player, bibliophile, and a Potterhead. She owns a blog named Musings Lounge  where she rambles on random topics and shares her personal experiences. She is a B.Tech graduate in Information Technology and works as a Junior Associate in State Bank of India. She currently resides in Chennai along with her husband T. Paramaguru.


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