Review Pen: Northern Springs by Celeste Young


Name– Northern Spring- At Crossroad. Book 1
Author– Celeste Young
Previous Works– Debutant Novel
Publishers- Blue Rose Publishers.
Number of Pages– 346

Northern Spring is a life-journey of the Artist-cum-lawyer Evangeline aka Eva Mccarthy, who has located to an estate in Pennsylvania after a failed marriage. Her journey from being a manager of a car-wash to partner in a law firm is as realistic as could be. Her attempts to refuse the attraction she felt towards Mike or Michael Diller her boss at the law firm put her at a different crossroad in life yet again.The immediate families of both Michael as well as Eva are keen to see them settled. Will Eva find her match in Mike or is it just another tryst with fate? Every choice she makes leaves an imprint on her life, but can love be chosen or it just is to be felt? Go on this new-age romantic rendezvous with Eva McCarthy and Michael Diller with Northern Spring- At the Crossroad Book 1.

Betrayal and a bad marriage drives Eva to face the real world for the sake of the upbringing of her daughters, Enora and Alana.
She leaves her low paying managing job to serve as a Secretary in a law firm and meets Mike, his boss and maybe the one for her.
But it isn’t easy for her, she has to mend her ways, rise up from the trauma of the previous marriage, complete her degree at the law school, make her daughters happy , manage her job and other duties, in all that choas, will love find her?
Is he undamaged enough to reach out for her.
Northern Springs make us acquainted with the tale of a strong, independent woman who has a truck load of responsibilities and how she manages her life.
Amongst all the negativity in her life, Eva manages to be a good employee to her office, a good mother to her growing girls, a good employer to her house keeper, a good friend to Slyvia and a good attorney as well.
The book is well-written and well researched, making it a good read.
The language, presentation along with the execution of plot are up to the mark.
The book is very maturely written and in addition to the simple plot there occurs a light twist in the end to make the reader free of boredom.
It might also serve as an inspiration for women who are struggling with their life and are in a constant need of motivation.

Cover- 4.5/5
Writing and Presentation-4/5
Overall- 4 out of 5 stars

The title wasn’t satisfactory as I couldn’t fathom the gist of it , though the foremost assumption was to maintain an uniformity in the naming of the next book in the Crossroad series.
Few editing errors occur in the book, including the use of “End” instead of “En” that signifies the nickname for Enora, readers can brush that aside in order to enjoy the book.

Reviewed by– Banaja Prakashini

*New  life  always  brings  in  the  unknown excitement;  it’s  an  experience  you  will  cherish  forever  and  yet would  leave  you  wan ting  more.

*Love  is  blind  dear,  marriage  is  an  eye opener

* This  exactly  is  what  end  of  the  world  signifies . I  live yet  feel  lifeless.  That  force,  which  is  inside  me  has  vanished or  should  I  say  was  banished.

*The  divine  merger  of  one’s  inner conscious  and  outer  persona  is  integrity.  Being  true  to oneself  is  at  the  base  of  integrity

*For  the  sake of  love,  one  cannot  let  go  of  selfrespect.

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