Review Pen: City Times and Other Poems By Vihang A Naik


Book– City times and other poems
Genre– Poetry
Poet– Vihang A Naik
Previous works-Poetry Manifesto (New & Selected Poems), 2010 from New Delhi, India. His Making A Poem was published by Allied Publishers’ (Mumbai) in 2004.
Number of Pages- 68 ( Kindle edition)

City Times and Other poems is an anthology of six poems from the pen of Vihang A Naik.

Poem 1- Love Song of a Journeyman
The poem that sings of love, choice and betrayal. The promises thay are not kept , the words that betray, the choices that make another scarred for life. The poem had a good flow and the depth of the feelings of the broken heart were evident in the world.

Poem 2- Mirrored Men
The story of a man in the mundane world. A man with a past of dishonest activities who chose selfish desires over honesty and the way truth stands amongst the darkness and mirrors his deeds. I loved the poem for it reflected the harsh reality of the current human world, where success is more important than the method used.

Poem 3- The Path of Wisdom
“Do not touch rainbow with reason, you may miss the colours”, says the poet , for its true that the thing visible to our eyes is more beautiful than the cause itself. The poem signifies that once we trod on the path of wisdom, we instill in ourselves the values that level us up from others.

Poem 4- Self Portrait
The shortest poem and certainly a mystery to the eyes of the readers, for those words may have different meanings to different people reading it.

Poem 5- At the Shore
The poem clearly makes us see a mere shore through the eyes of the poet. The beauty that he sees in a serpent, the songs that the place sing without words, all that noone but a poet can see.

Poem 6- City Times
Read the city unfold with the poet’s words, the lights and darks, the beauty and philosophy. Being the title poem of the book, I had more expectations from City Lights but the current poem is good enough.

Ratings- 3 out of 5 stars.

The poems are in free verse without the application of a rhyming scheme. The poet hadn’t stuck to a single topic, instead he explored the various genres, saving the book from being monotonic.
I had the kindle copy for reading which wasn’t of satisfactory quality as the font made it a bit inconvenient.
Overally the poems were tranquil and when the book ended, I couldn’t figure.

Reviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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