Review Pen: A Soul Charmer (Poetry) by Richa Saxena


Book– The Soul Charmer (Poetry)
Poetess – Richa Saxena
Publishers– Half Baked Beans

The Soul Charmer is a book of about 32 candid poems written by the poetess will all heart .
I am not much of a poetry reader but the book surely made me glad that I had decided to read it.

Poem 1-  Unfulfilled Dreams–  It’s about a dream that someone had seen. A dream that can never come true but still the person thinks what it would be like to have the one in our dreams.

Poem 2- She is the girl–  The poem that would make any girl smile because ” She is the girl; A little in you   A little in me.”. The girl is real and so is the feeling one would have after reading it.

Poem 3- The sinful night – The burning passion of two souls curled up in each other’s embrace is surely a treat to read.

Poem 4- The caged bird– I have no words for this poem other than three, ” I loved it” , its shows the reality that some girls face. Being able to say no is an illness with heavy consequences.

Poem 5- To the girl in love – The tiny tale of first love perhaps. The love that remains in the heart forever.

Poem 6-  I am Alright–  For every mordern independent womab who cries in the dark but stands as a pillar in the light.

Poem 7-  A beautiful day– The poetess writes how a beautiful morning can be the inspiration for a beautiful day ahead.

Poem 8-  Love me Like never before –  The poetess writes and it is surely that a girl truely needs. Not riches, just love.

Poem 9-  Scars – The poetess writes the plight of a broken heart and I just couldn’t agree more to her views.

Poem 10-  Voice – Things just a voice can make us feel is beautifully converted into words.

Poem 11-  The Final Goodbye – Perhaps the last thoughts of a dying soul.

Poem 12-  The Lifeless Life – A life at brink of death and yet there is hope in another’s heart that he  live.

Poem 13- Tonight, I see you – A longing to be with the person,and an urge to let go of the senses.

Poem 14- Seasons of love–  A heart in love and the seasons of wait, a new concept to write on.

Poem 15- The Spell of your love – The tale of a longing heart who recalls the beauty of those moments spent in the past with its lover.

Poem 16- Love me Tonight– Another love tale, somewhat same as Tonight, I see you.

Poem 17- And we became ‘US‘ – A passion between two bodies and the fire that has started. The poetess surely did not mind rising the temperature a bit for this poem.

Poem 18- Soulmates– This poem was somewhat cute as I could imagine new love. The feeling surely is incredible.

Poem 17-  Please, betray me- The title made me expect something different this time but its the same love

Poem 18-  Do you love me, still? –  This poem sufficed my thirst for something different in the book.

Poem 19-  The First Touch–  First love again but with the better essence of a first touch. Surely enough to bring back memories.

Poem 20- Love at first sight– The poem does justice to its title, talking about the love at first sight that always remains in the heart.

Poem 21- My heart Awaits you – A longing soul waiting for its lover, speaks its heart.

Poem 22-  To the love of my life– The love of a mother described under the sweetest circumstance and my favourite poem in the entire book.

Poem 23- Daddy’s Little Princess– A woman who remembers her father and her love and care. Anyone girl who loves her father will surely shed a lone tear at least on reading this poem.

Poem 24-  High on your love– Love surely is more intoxicating than any other drug in the world and the poetess says it.

Poem 25- Shall this love last? – A lover’s insecurity or more of a question, does the love have an expiry date?

Poem 26- The silent tormentor–  Thr poetess talk about the silent treatment that some girls use an a weapon to torment their lovers.

Poem 27- Beyond those lofty walls–  A heart that wants to fall in love but is restrained by the walls that separate them.
Poem 28- The painful memories– The tales of a broken heart and the memories of the one who broke the heart.
Poem 29- To love,again– A love lost and yet the sign of the love left in her. I am in awe with the poetess as writing this.
Poem 30- Have I lost you? – The broken heart up with its antics again.
Poem 31- What a heart aspires! – We don’t get what we want, but that doesn’t stop the heart from wanting, does it?

Poem 32- In hope of a better tomorrow– The hope for a better tomorrow with her companion, and the hope that has kept her fighting the harshness of the world.

The poems in the book are beautiful giving a justification to the title i.e The Soul Charmer.

The poems don’t follow any sort of rhyming scheme, they are just candidly written . They are simple and easy to understand and those with creative minds will be able to knit tales with them.

Ratings- 3 out of 5 stars.

The poems are mostly on love while some where a bit different, I would really appreciate with the poetess doesn’t stick to a single topic in future but experiments with different things as well.
The poems though good still have room for improvement.

The poems seemed to be more appealing to women rather than everyone.

Reviewed by– Banaja Prakashini

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