Review Pen: A Pinch Of Lust ( Seven Sins to Mister Right) by Sharath Komarraju


Book– A Pinch Of Lust
Author– Sharath Komarraju
Previous Works– Murder in Amaravati ,Banquet on the Dead, The Winds of Hastinapur ,The Puppeteers of Palem Nari ,The Rise of Hastinapur ,The Crows of Agra, Donoor’s Curse etc.
Author contact-
Format– Kindle EBook
Publishers–  Readify
Number of pages– 1782 (Kindle Format)

Blurb– It is not easy being eighteen and smitten.

Especially when you have other things to worry about. Your parents are badgering you to make a career decision. Your older sister has an opinion on everything you do. Your father’s business is faltering. You have no idea what your calling is; or indeed if you do have a calling.

In the middle of all this, you fall for the boy next door.

Sandhya Karanth has known Mark Lazarus for years, but now she begins to see him with new eyes. She must fight her family and her own inner reservations to find a place in Mark’s heart, but as the stakes rise, she might find that there are things more important than lust and love.

Sharath Komarraju kicks off the Seven Sins to Mister Right series with this delightful tale of human relationships. Must read for romance lovers.

Review A Pinch of Lust by Sharath Komarraju is the First book in the Seven Sins to Mister Right Series.
Sandhya Karanth is an 18 year old simple girl next door who falls for a guy in her building, whether its love or lust, she is still confused.
The guy, Mark, pursues medicine and has a pretty much settled future while sandhya has to worry about all the things she has to deal with, her choices, her father’s disorting hotel business, her passion, her career ,her ace sister to whom she is always compared and lately, the things she wants to do to Mark.
Just when she sorts herself to come out of the feelings for Mark, the disclosure of a long held secret makes her want him more.
Their constant sessions of fooling around comes to a halt when her parents doubt it, well we do want those things more , when we know that we can’t have them.
Read the book for the occasional doses of pleasure and to know what happen with Sandhya. Will her parents ever find out? Does she have a future with Mark? Does he love her? What does the future behold for her?

I loved a certain thing about the book, unlike most of the eroticas where the protagonist is a hunk with all the perfect features, the author has kept the character realistic.
Mark isn’t a Greek God out of history, he is a guy who is just irresistible, with his normal features, which are described well enough to make the reader admire him.
The author has wrote the close scenes with such sensousness that one can actually feel the heat and all of it, without making it seem vulgar
The story didn’t just revolve around Sandhya and Mark, it also included her family and their dealings.

Ratings- 3 out of 5 stars.

The book passes off as a light read to turn a lazy afternoon interesting without much of a turn on.

Reviewed ByBanaja Prakashini

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