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Kleanse Hand Sanitizer | Banaja Prakashini’s Blog

 Kleanse Hand sanitizer has been in my bag for a few days now and here’s the review for it.
The hand sanitizers are available in a pack of three along with a rubber bag tag.
The written price on each piece being 125, 99 and 99 INR, it is available on Amazon for a discount price of 140 INR plus 75 delivery charge.
The package arrived in an amazon plastic wrap and I have left an unboxing video that you may watch.

Kleanse Hand Sanitizer (Back) | Banaja Prakashini’s Blog


The Kleanse Instant Hand Sanitizers are small 30 ml pyramidal bottles of plastic that require a bit of pressure to be squeezed out. They have a flip top cap. The prints on the bottles are really cute and attractive so it would be easy to convince a kid to use it.
The pack of three consists of three different fragrances, Vanilla Kiss, Cinnamon Muffins and Red Guava.
There is a free bag tag with the Hand Sanitizers that is made up of brown colored rubber with glitter. The bag tag has four lengths of adjustment in order to fit in the hole of the bag chains perfectly. The sanitizer bottle fits in perfectly.

Product packaging-

The hand sanitizers were well wrapped in plastic and then another layer of bubble wrap. The entire thing was inside the amazon wrap.

Kleanse Hand Sanitizer (Product) | Banaja Prakashini’s Blog

Product quality-

The hand sanitizer bottles are really cute and colorful, exactly the kind that kids would love to carry with them. The three fragrances Vanilla Kiss, Cinnamon Muffins and Red Guava smell amazing. The Vanilla is of light pink colour (originally Carmosine) and smells real flowery, out of the bunch, this one’s my favorite. The Cinnamon Muffins has a spicy fragrance from which you can absolutely make out the aroma of cinnamon, it is really light brown (originally Sunset yellow) in colour. Last but not the least, the Red Guava , as the name suggests, is strawberry red (originally Carmosine, Erythrosine) in colour and smells exactly like guava.
The hand sanitizers have tiny blue globules floating in them. They give the usual cooling sensation that most hand sanitizers give when applied on skin. In addition to that, they have the fragrance that lasts for a long time so kids are going to love it.
The bag tag is a strong one so you can be convinced that it won’t be breaking off when hung from the bag of your kid. They are absoultely skin friendly with no side effects, they are said to contain vitamin E in them and I don’t doubt it at all.

Product Pricing-

The price of the product is 140 plus 75 delivery charge on Amazon. The individual prices of the sanitizers mentioned on the bottles are, 125 for Cinnamon Muffins, 99 for Vanilla Kiss and 99 for Red Guava. The total of the mentioned price is 323 while the amazon price would be 215, so the discount offered is a good one. The normal kids hand sanitizers available in the market cost around 65 per head but they do not smell this good.

Product Rating-
4 stars

Absolutely child friendly and safe.


Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About Kleanse Hand Sanitizer (As mentioned by the seller)

An easy step towards healthy life. Kleanse Hand sanitizer with natural fragrance.



The Kleanse PocketBac Sanitizer does not take much space and can be easily attached to a bag while travelling. With its adjustable strap it can be stored securely after use so that there is no trouble in using it again.


With infections leading to diseases on the rise, it is our hands that transfer most of the germs by touching various viruses and microbes daily, though unintentionally. The Kleanse Anti-bacterial sanitizer kills bacteria & ensures complete germ protection.


The Kleanse Anti-bacterial sanitizers come with a gentle fragrance. Along with its warm and welcoming scent you will feel rejuvenated & cheer up every time in this polluted environment.


It is a convenient and leak proof sanitizer from Kleanse. The container is made of the best material and is leak-proof. It does not create a mess and is convenient. The container cap locks properly and ensures correct fitting.


Clinically proven safe, it does not damage your tender skin. It is safe to use again and again and remains gentle on the skin. The fragrances are also mild and safe for children too.


The Vitamin-E floating Granules ensures complete moisturization with every use. With every drop, granules flows consistently that grants you smooth & soft bacteria free skin every time.





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