Interview with Tasneem Ahmed ( A Fervent Lad)

I interviewed Tasneem Ahmed whose poetic musings are available in the stores today as A Fervent Lad, published by Blue Rose Publishers.


Here goes the interaction with him.

* Hello!  Thank you for the time you will be spending on this interview. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Hello! Well the pleasure is mine dear!
My name is Tasneem Ahmed, I am a 19 year old Engineering student. I was born and brought up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Right now I am doing my 2nd year of college in Pune, India.

* If you were to describe your book to someone who has yet to read it , then how would you do it ?

Well to keep it brief, this book is actually a story narrated in the form of poetry, about how a child, who after facing so many adversities, grows to discover his alter ego, through which he finds the soulful poetic Inception, taking him on a journey towards a new realm. Its basically a poetic journey of his life, as he chases his enchanting dreams.

* Are the characters in your book real? I had come across an author once who had said “If you hate someone, write a book and make them the villain” , so any relation to any person in real?

Indeed. The entire book actually has been inspired by my own life. I have added just a bit of fantasy and drop of poetic fiction into it.

*We all had some master goals set for us when we were kids. So what was your goal as a kid?

To be completely honest, I had a mixture of goals growing up. But yes, one of the biggest goals of mine was to play Cricket for my nation someday. Now that I think of it, I really think I should get back to    practicing, I might still have some charm left. Good old days!

*Can you say something about your journey from being a person with a manuscript to an author of a published book ? How was the struggle ?

The struggle was pretty intense! With my university already being a load on my head, this added a lot of work effort and sleepless nights. But to be completely honest with you, the struggle and journey was pretty fun too, it challenged me as a person to go outside my comfort zone for something that I really have a raging passion for.

*Can you share with the readers , the names of some books and writers who inspired you ? Some of us could surely use some inspiration

C.S Lewis is my biggest inspiration for writing. But when it comes to poetry, this might seem a little weird, but I have not been inspired by any writer as such, but yes, all the rage and passion that I have for poetry, comes from my most beloved life inspiration, Marshal Bruce Mather’s, A.K.A Eminem.

*Apart from the writers , who are the people and what are the things in your life that inspired you to write the book ? When did the idea strike ?

Yes as I already mentioned above, Eminem has always inspired me in every aspect of life. His songs have always been on my head and have given me the motivation to fight the hardships in life. As a teenager, I got addicted to his rhyme game and poetic flow of his words. The way he came from rags to riches and never gave up in his life and worked his way up for his passion has always given me the goosebumps, to dream of one day, hopefully reaching the top, not only in the field of work, but in life as well..

*We all know that a book requires time. What was your family’s reaction to find you engrossed in
writing ? Any incidents you would like to share with us ?

Haha well this might sound really insane, but to be completely honest with you, My parents still don’t know about my books release. They had asked me to stay away from writing anything other than mathematical theorems until I finish  my degree, but what can I say, the heart wants what it wants. Don’t you think?
Would love to see their reaction when they find out someday, hopefully when am famous enough to make them proud.

* Any words for the young readers and the aspiring authors ?

Well I feel Literature is indeed a saviour to mankind and books heal the deepest wounds of the soul.
Never stop learning, seek knowledge from every aspect of your life.
And for the Aspiring authors, Id say go for it, the society might try to knock you out, the family might not be supportive at times, but if you have that passion for it, and have a lovely story to tell, let nothing stop you.
Let me quote a verse from my book,

“Let no vision of yours go in vain, Take no Dreams to your grave, For hope only favours the Brave.

* Time for a fun question. You must have read fictions. Given a chance, which fictional character would you like to go on a date with?

Haha okay well yes, I have fallen in love with many fictional characters. But the character I would love to date would be character of my own book, I call her, The Princess of Mysteries.

* And now , the final question without which the interview would go incomplete. Do we get to read another book from you?

Yes indeed, I have a Bonus map of the Realm at the end of the book which I will be discovering in my next books. There are 5 more books coming which will based on the same universe. It is a bit challenging for me, but yes, a lot of surprises ahead!

Interviewed by Banaja Prakashini

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