Interview with Ashmita Reddy

Here I interview Ashmita Reddy, whose musings are available in the stores today in the form of , Close To My Heart.


So here goes the interaction that I had with her.

Hello Ashmita,
Thanks for sparing the time which you will be taking in answering the questions. So here we go,

   Question- First of all, tell our readers a bit about yourself and your background.

  I am calm, ambitious, up beat and optimistic person. I spend most of my childhood in Ramagundam, Telangana. Recently, we shifted to Chennai. I did my graduation in civil engineering

Question– If you were to describe your book to someone who has yet to read it , then how would you do it ?

This book depicts about a 21st century girl who loves to be breezy, non-chalant and independent. Some elements twists her simple life and from there every moment is challenging for her. Gradually,  she will reconstruct her life to normal.

Question– Are the characters in your book real? I had come across an aut hor once who had said “If you hate someone, write a book and make them the villain” , so any relation to any person in real?

No character in book  is real. They are purely fictional. I love to observe people and their actions. So that become base for my book’s characters.

Question– We all had some master goals set for us when we were kids. So what was your goal as a kid?

As a kid I aspired to become a Fashion Designer.

Question– Can you say something about your journey from being a person with a manuscript to an author of a published book ? How was the struggle ?

Actually Thanks to Government’s initiative. Because of their schemes many entrepreneurs and start-ups are emerging which is benefiting struggling amateur authors like me. So I didn’t contend much for publishing my book. And special Thanks to Blue Rose Publishers.

Question– Can you share with the readers , the names of some books and writers who inspired you ? Some of us could surely use some inspiration.

There is a long list of my favourite authors but to be in short
Ravinder Singh’s I Too Had a Love Story and Sydney Sheldon’s If Tomorrow Comes and Chasing Tomorrow.

Question– Apart from the writers , who are the people and what are the things in your life that inspired you to write the book ? When did the idea strike ?

In 2014 when I was voracious reader I felt why can’t I myself write a book. That inspired me to pen a book on girl and Indian Society.

Question– We all know that a book requires time. What was your family’s reaction to find you engrossed in writing ? Any incidents you would like to share with us ?

Actually the funny part is they didn’t even react  when I first told them. But when I completed it they were surprised and were too much encouraging.

Question– Any words for the young readers and the aspiring authors ?

World is full of experiments. Never down yourself. Do whatever you feel to and be strong,firm in your decision.

Question– Time for a fun question. You must have read fictions. Given a chance, which fictional character would you like to go on a date with?

       I would like to go on date with Dhruv from world’s best boyfriend.

Question– And now , the final question without which the interview would go incomplete. Do we get to read another book from you?

Future is uncertain. Don’t know what knocks at our door steps.
     So lets wait for something inspiring to kickstart my second book.

Interviewed By Banaja Prakashini

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