Review Pen: The Deception of the Meek By Sunny Heerekar

Sunny Heerekar

Author– Sunny Heerekar

Book– The Deception of the meek

Previous Works– Debut Novel


Is it right to do a wrong for the greater good? Is it right to cheat the rogue? Is it okay to conceal the truth for everyone’s benefit?

Check out how a teenager deals with such conundrums in this story. Set in the college of a small town, it revolves around Abhinav’s two-year journey of his junior college where he makes friends, even with people more than thrice his age; takes up part-time job, of all the places, in a bar; and sneaks into the senior cricket team as the youngest member of the squad, only to be thrown out later for a serious crime. But then, he was surrounded by so many good people that he gets back into the team again, only to commit a bigger offence.

Find out what were Abhinav’s mistakes and the outcomes of them in this beautiful earthly story where there are emotions, trust, greed, misunderstandings and a fair bit of deception, in this book by Sunny Heerekar.


The Deception of the Meek by Sunny Heerekar is the story of Abhinav, a talented and hardworking guy with the heart of gold. Despite his actions that make him sly and cunning, the kid turns out to be a genius in hatching out escape routes for himself.

The book somehow speaks for itself, it’s just so true to its word. You get everything you expect and you keep the book being absolutely satisfied. The book is a lot about cricket, because the protagonist is the one who messes with the cricket teams.

I am not much of a cricket buff and after the blurb, I wasn’t having any expectations, I was simply curious if I could take it. The book had a normal start, but I was eagerly waiting to read the parts concerned with cricket. Surprisingly, there’s quite a lot of cricket in the story but not enough to bore a non-buff like me. I started with skepticism and eventually found myself relating to the characters. It was all there. The hostel life, the making friends, part time jobs, everything is relatable. The author starts making you feel like home with that simple yet lucid narration and the college life just reaches out to you.

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I was secretly expecting some love story in it because the book is about junior college, the protagonist is a teenager and well, most authors just want to sell books. I’m glad my secret expectation was not fulfilled. The book teaches you everything except love. And I feel it does a good job. I would definitely recommend this to juniors I know because we need books like this. Books that highlight other aspects of teenage rather than making twirls about hormones.

This book features a strong protagonist, who comes from a humble and unprivileged background and still there is so much integrity in him that his plans aren’t greedy, they are crafty. I loved every single bit of the book, the hard work, the compassion, the relatives, the uncles, and even the lies.

There’s a lot in the book in terms of plot and I feel this book could make a pretty good movie. It did make me feel like I was watching a movie or a series as the ups and downs in the plot keep you engaged.

The book is written in a very easy language so its perfect for beginners who want to start small but with something meaningful.

The title of the book is perfect for the plot and rather intelligent. The blurb gives a clear idea about the content and still keeps the suspense.

Ratings- 3.5 stars out of 5

It’s a good book but it can be better. It can be improved along with the editing errors that I could spot at a few places. The language is expressive but its too simple and too easy for a frequent reader. The details could have been skipped at a lot of places which makes the book rather tiresome to read.

The cover is too simple. Its just the title and I’m afraid people might skip because it would fail to grab their attention.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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