Review Pen: Blue Crayons by Rahul Rawal

Blue Crayons by Rahul rawat

Author– Rahul Rawal

Book– Blue Crayons tales from life and beyond

Previous Works–  Debut Novel

Publishers– Zorba Books

Number of Pages– 172

Format– Paperback


Four years after her marriage broke up, Neha gets a mysterious late-night message from “the other woman.” Her mind tells her to ignore it, her intuition tells her something strange is going on . . .

When his fancy degrees don’t get him a job or even an interview, Rajesh decides that a publicity stunt is required to get the attention of the world – only, it succeeds in a way he never dreamt of . . .

When a Railway Engineer is sent to inspect a railway line in a small, remote station he is amazed to find that no one gets off the train there at nights. Determined to ignore all warnings, he sets off on a short walk in the dark . . .

Bitter-sweet love stories, a brush with the paranormal, the darker side of human nature, modern day heartbreak – this engaging and inventive collection of short stories presents different perspectives that will put a smile on your face and bring a tear in your eye.


Blue Crayons by Rahul Rawal, is an anthology of short stories, on various topics that we might come across in our entire lives. Each of the stories are 2-5 pages long, making the book a good read to pick up for a quick read.

The stories are chosen on the topics that we would usually ignore in our busy lives. The kind that we wish to tend to, but unfortunately, hadn’t had a chance. The stories in this book, felt like a reminder, that life isn’t about the chase, its about living it. And during the times that we forget about living, it adds up onto the pile of regrets that we might have later.

There are forty stories in total, and forty things to learn about life that we already know but wouldn’t acknowledge.


Cover- 3 star

Title- 2 star

Blurb- 3 star

Content- 3 star

Writing and Presentation- 2.5 star

Overall- 2.7 stars out of 5

The writing  was simple, with easy language, but few grammatical errors could be easily spotted. Some of the facts in some of the stories, do not sit right. For example, in the story, “Peace Forever”,  the narrator finds a piece of evidence in the crime scene, there was no mention of complex activity so , it would be taken that the evidence was in the line of plain sight. This does not sit well because, any crime scene is searched for all sorts of evidence, especially DNA, and the police missing something that might suggest motive, is simply out of place.

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Some work could be done on the narration, as there were a number of instances when the narrator missed something or the act seemed more pretentious than casual. Some stories felt like they ended even before they started, making their plot incomplete and leaving the reader with too many questions.

The book is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Though it is a plus, as the author has taken into consideration, a few important issues and decided to write about them, there is no mention regarding it in the blurb. While the blurb directs it to be fiction, a reader who would be eager to  read something imaginary, would not be comfortable at settling for the non-fiction parts.

The book turns out to be really preachy in the middle, which is more likely to bore a person than enlighten them.

The title, blue crayons, is not relevant to any of the stories in the book, nor is it explained anywhere else.

The book sports a simple cover but some more efforts with editing would be appreciated. The blurb gives no inclination of the non-fiction content of the book. The storytelling skills displayed in the book were average, and have great scope of improvement, if the author wishes to work on them. Every single one of the stories can be improved to something much better, if the author decides in for of it.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About the author-

 Rahul Rawal works with a US based firm and is a writer by passion, who does not need sleep to dream. He wakes up i the morning to drive his career and his corporate family and sleeps after a quiet moment with his pen and paper. Rahul rawal’s stories are an extension of his profound love for words and an unprofessed trait of dreaming with his eyes open.  He loves to travel because he believes that every place we visit or every person we meet has a story to tell.

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