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Ashmita Reddy

AuthorAshmita Reddy

Book– The Shero- Silent Hero

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This story revolves around Sachi Ved Agnihotri. She is a very ambitious and determined girl. She has a suppressing past and a glowing future. She chooses to fight for her future, but life has destined her to fight for a social issue. She is very successful in her field. Her life teaches people that money is not life and there is something more beyond it (passion and love) to complete life. She could be an inspiration to anyone. Her husband taught her how to allow her past to flow freely within her. Her mission is to make every girl child independent and make them fly high. She is our Shero.


The Shero- Silent Hero by Ashmita reddy, is about Sachi and her efforts to uplift the ,lives of the women who never had a chance.

The plot has potential. Its rather something important that’s a topic of discussion in the current society. Even though its going to be 2020 in less than a month, there are still places in India where the birth of a girl child is frowned upon. The author, Ashmita Reddy was gracious enough to try and include a variety of crimes against women that go on in the country and kudos to her effort.

Ashmita Reddy had tried to speak for the cause of the girls whose existence is considered a sin, the women who are trafficked and the one who are treated like an object to trade by the members of their family. It’s a noble topic to choose to write on.

It takes some thought to be a woman like Sachi, dedicating her life to the cause of women who are neglected. She indeed is a hero. Instead of dwelling on her loveless past, she moved on and moved out of her misery. She was a great example of becoming the change you want to see in the world. She was ambitious about doing something for the good of women.

The book also sports a beautiful cover design, with a girl as the hero she is.

Ratings- 2 stars out of 5

The book could go for re-editing because it has a lot of grammatical errors in plain sight.  Its titled as “The Shero- Silent Hero”. I get the Shero part, Sachi was indeed a hero and since she wasn’t a He, thus the Shero, but the “Silent hero” seemed out of placed. Sachi never shushed herself or her motives. She worked for the betterment of the girls and she did it fiercely. The title would be better without the silent hero.

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The blurb gives off a major spoiler. Since the book is written in a way where Ved keeps approaching her and she tries to part ways. The readers get most of her back story from their conversations and we would have been really hooked to see where the love story is going. The blunder occurs right there. The blurb mentions him as her husband so the element of surprise is gone. Considering the fact that they do not get married two chapters before the end, its not a wise addition.

The intense subject requires an expertise in writing and this book isn’t one would expect to be reading. I have read about the phrase growing up with a silver spoon, but this is the first book where I read about a golden spoon and an iridium spoon. They were talked about in a rather serious setting, so I assume it wasn’t humor.

The characters had behavioral responses which could have been added right after their sentences within quotes, but they were left in a bracket. The book is distributed into chapters according to the character’s POV, I do not feel that a character needs to say something in their mind, they need to do it within a bracket. Out of the quotes and the lines were never out of the lips. Adding to the bracket story, I could spot a few brackets that started but there was no end.

  Halfway through the book, it felt like some sentences were said neither to the characters, nor the readers,  but maybe someone else , for example “Every entry in this NGO will have a distinct- story otherwise no one will come here.”. This is where a better presentation would have helped. Its more appreciated among the readers when they feel that everyone has a story rather than read it in a sentence.

Towards the end, Sachi confronts her family, I was not expecting that to be a part of the book at all, but it was a welcome addition. What disappointed me was the violent nature of the reunion. Sachi did not leave the place acting as the bigger person.

The plot was strong, but what lagged behind was the presentation. The book could be written in a better way and that is exactly how it would reach its focus audience. 

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About the author

Ashmita Reddy belongs to Telangana State. Right from childhood, she wanted to be a part of the societal developmental program. during her childhood, her parents used to take her to an orphanage for her birthday. From then on, she wanted to do something for society. She loves to travel, and discover new places and food. She is a reading buff and is creative.

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