Review Pen: The Woman Who Saw The Future by Amit Sharma

amit sharma

Author– Amit Sharma

BookThe Woman Who Saw The Future

Previous Works–  False Ceilings

Publishers– Readomania

Number of Pages–275

Format– Paperback


Sapna Vaid has lived with a unique power for a decade; a power that turned her from a timid, wide-eyed, college-going girl into the most influential and powerful Goddess on Earth. Sapna can see the future and saves thousands of people around the world every year through her record-breaking, popular show ‘Lucky People’. The show had given Sapna’s life a meaning and gives her the courage to sleep every night, where death and blood await her in her dreams.

Even though the world is at her feet, the power costs Sapna her personal life. Broken relationships and separation from her son bring her unbearable pain. Her parents and the thousands of prayers that come her way every year are her only solace, her only reason to live.

When a blinding hatred leads to a desperate act of revenge, a single misuse of her great power triggers a reversal of her fortunes. Now she must decide the path she has to take to preserve her unique gift and her fame, even f it turns her into a murderer on the brink of insanity.


The story of Sapna Vaid, The Woman Who Saw The Future and her journey that led her from endurance of the nightmares of death premonitions to being the most powerful woman on the Forbes list. The woman who saves thousands, could not save her personal life from the downfall. Read how love and hatred can drive humans to be something they could not have thought of being, even in their wildest dreams.

The book is written in a documentary format , where the characters involved with the life of the protagonist Sapna Vaid, talk about her presence in their lives and how things change.  There were excerpts from Sapna’s diary which filled for her statements.

The sole reason behind picking this book for a read was to see how the author has managed to execute the story that the title gives a hint of. Picking an unusual topic to write about is a smart move, but, there are very few people who can do it efficiently. Amit Sharma is one of them and a reader would be glad to have read his book.

The way the power was introduced to Sapna, the way her life shaped according to her premonitions, were easily put. They did not seem unrealistic, rather it was something that had a possibility of happening. The way she got her fame, the way she lost it all, everything was rather easy to accept and the author has done a great job.

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The cover of the book is a rather intriguing one, displaying an eye with the pupils showing something that can be depicted as the good and the bad. The cover could have been improved to some extent, in order to make it to perfectly hit the title.

Talking about the title, there could not be a better title for the book, gives exactly the hint a reader needs.

The blurb is well explained but somewhere it gives away too much of the plot. Spoilers are not a favourite.

The book is quite candidly written with a simple yet engaging presentation so intense or light, readers of any interest can read it.


Cover- 3.5 star

Title- 5 star

Blurb- 2.5 star

Plot- 4 star

Writing and Presentation- 4 star

Overall- 3.8 stars out of 5

Though the chapters were in a format where the characters talk about the protagonist, there were still times when the description didn’t fall into place. The first chapter from Anupama, carried too much of her personal details which had no place to be, in Sapna’s documentary.

A few editing errors could be spotted, which can be brushed off.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About Amit Sharma-

Amit Sharma is an IT slave (read professional) since the last twelve years. He lives with his family in NCR but his work does take him to foreign lands. His wife was a teacher till she gave it up because of sheer exhaustion of answering questions of their four-year-old daughter all day.

His first fiction book, False Ceilings, a family saga spanning one hundred and thirty years, was published by Lifi Publications in 2016. The book garnered many good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and critical acclaim. Amit’s hobbies include reading, watching world cinema, travelling, digging into various cuisines, cooking, listening to music, painting, blogging, making his daughter laugh and helping his wife with her unnecessary and prolonged shopping.

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