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Book- Wait… Until She Proposes
Author– Pranav Kasture
Previous Works– Debut Novel
Author Contact–
Tweet him at @pranavkasture
Publishers–  APK Publishers
ISBN-13– 978-9381791479
Number Of Pages-256
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Will Soham take the initiative? A romantic journey and emotional turbulence of a boy, Soham, from Goa. Soham’s heart was glued to Ritika ever since she first asked him fevi-stick.
Then begins his wait to propose her during the four years of Engineering. However destiny forces Soham to begin his career in an IT company, far away from Ritika.
How long will Soham’s love make him wait? Would he ever meet her again? Should he take the initiative and propose her or wait until he fulfills Ritika’s dad’s condition?
There were endless beautiful girls around, but none touched Soham’s heart the way Ritika did, for God doesn’t apply copy paste rule while creating humans.

Soham Katke is a changed man and the reason behind his change is the girl who asked him for a glue-stick.
A cute face played such a big role in Soham’s life that he placed a big bet on his career and later dragged himself with the bet till the very end.
He was in love with the girl but wasn’t brave enough to admit it to her, but then it was just one side of story as other hearts craved to be with him.
The book talks about the love life of Soham and how he changed from what he was, his love, his commitment, his desperation for a single girl and the heartbreak he deals with and how does he come out of it to find love and happiness waiting for him outside the convocation hall.
The book is a bright example of why communication is important in any relationship and that’s what makes the book worth the read.
It’s about expectations that are never fulfilled yet some selfless love as well.
The cover is a well designed one and goes perfectly well with the title of the book.
The book is writing in multiple point of views and I really appreciate the fact that all of them were done one after another rather than jumping from one POV to another amidst a scene.
It author has explained single events from number of point of views so that’s easier for the reader to connect the dots and keep a track of who did what.

And if what the author writes is true, you can add weight and muscles to your lean body by doing suryanamaskars and pushups.

Cover- 4 stars
Title- 2 stars
Blurb- 3 stars
Plot- 2 stars
Writing and Presentation- 1.5 stars
Overall- 2.5 out of 5 stars

Though the title is good one, it doesn’t do justice with the plot. Judging by the plot, Soham never wanted Ritika to propose her, he was way too much in gloom because of the constant comparison that he did between himself and the qualifications that Ritika’s father had mentioned.
Somewhere it made me feel that Soham was just infatuated with Ritika and did all crazy stuff that kids with crazy crushes do, the words couldn’t make me feel that actually Soham loved her a lot.

The plot has not few but a lot of loopholes as the author has failed to express his story to the readers.

The character Aarav was a bit to overrated and it could have been better if the author had kept it realistic instead of making it like some villain of a Bollywood movie.

The part of Soham’s narration seemed like a drag adding quite some random things that weren’t even necessary or related to the plot.
Though the story has been sincerely written, the language and story telling skills require some more refining and have placed for a lot of improvement.

Reviewed By– Banaja Prakashini

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