Review Pen: Unlawful Justice by Vish Dhamija

Unlawful justice by vish dhamija

Author– Vish Dhamija

Book- Unlawful Justice

Previous Works– Nothing lasts forever, Doosra the other one, Bhendi Bazaar, Nothing else matters, Deja Karma

Publishers– HarperCollins India

Number Of Pages- 296

Format– Paperback


Baby, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Diwan family’s household help, has been raped and brutalized. Vansh Diwan, a criminal lawyer, finds himself torn between a shot at justice for the girl and a very powerful client. He cannot bring himself to proceed at the risk of all that he has secured for his family. His wife Priti, distraught and devastated at her husband’s decision, turns to an old friend for help.

Akash Hingorani, top criminal lawyer and best friend to Priti and Vansh, must step up. He is Baby’s last chance. But things quickly unravel as Akash’s probe into the rape suddenly turns into a murder investigation. A powerful legal thriller that moves breathlessly from crime scene to courtroom to homes to lay bare the difference between law and justice.


Drunk stupor, a lavish upbringing and lack of values that a kid should have for others, lead to a rather unfortunate incident in the life of Baby, the 15 year old daughter of the house help, Gayatri, of leading criminal lawyer Vansh Diwan.

The hunt for the culprit reveals evidence that points towards Maheep Singh, the eighteen year old son of Maninder Singh, a white collared goon, and the biggest client of Vansh Diwan’s law firm.

Tore between his wife Priti, who supports Gayatri, and Maninder Singh’s constant threats, he decides to go with the wrong in order to keep his family safe. Vansh’s inclination towards injustice, forces Priti to ask their best friend, top criminal lawyer Akash Hingorani to fight Baby’s case.

Vansh makes a back up plan for the trial and meanwhile Maheep goes missing and the rape trial that never came into the light, takes serious turn into another investigation.

The innocent’s throat is threatened by the sword and Akash has to prove innocence against power and money.

Unlawful justice is an interesting read , filled with courtroom drama and expressive story telling.

The book starts with a rather intriguing phrase, “ He shouldn’t have been there”. As the story progresses, it presents the reader with a show of sinister thoughts, inhumane acts, crime and courtroom drama.

The author Vish Dhamija never breaks the flow of the reader with unusual sightings, all things mentioned, are somehow related to the storyline. At times, even if the information is unwanted, it adds to the amusement of the reader towards the character.

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If you are a seasoned reader, it won’t take more than a day to complete 296 pages of the book. Unlawful Justice is a good book to start with, if you have interests in reading proper law enforcements. The trials were perfectly logical and explainable in terms of evidence, it explored the extent to which one may investigate for a simple conclusion.

The convicted’s attorney made clever calculations and produced evidence that supported the laws of physics and along with it, made the point of his client’s innocence.

The why with which he acted was really impressive.

The character, Akash Hingorani, is the perfect kind to be taken for a book boyfriend.

Every single aspect of the book does justice to the plot.

The cover is a well designed, perfect for the story kind of choice. The blurb is apt in terms of being expressive and yet secretive. The title is clever and perfect for the plot.


Cover- 4 stars

Title-  4 stars

Blurb- 4 stars

Plot- 3 stars

Writing and Presentation- 4 stars

Overall- 3.8 out of 5 stars

The plot could have been a lot better owing to the author’s previous books that had heightened the expectations in the reader. The end was somewhat predictable if you read a good number of books and know your way around a thriller.

The courtroom sessions occur in less time period than what it takes in reality and the author Vish Dhamija has taken his time in the Author’s Note to mention and apologize for that.

This  book is a perfect read for those who seek thrill in a rather sophisticated way, a page turner indeed.

Reviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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About Vish Dhamija-

Vish Dhamija is the bestselling author of five crime fiction books. He is frequently referred to in the press as the ‘master of legal crime and courtroom drama’ in India. In August 2015, at the release of his first legal fiction, Deja Karma, Glimpse magazine called him, ‘India’s John Grisham’ for stimulating the genre of legal fiction in India, which was almost non-existent before his arrival on the scene.

Unlawful Justice, a legal thriller, is his sixth novel. Vish lives in London with his wife, Nidhi.

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