Review Pen: The Unpredictable Heart by MoKsh


Book– The Unpredictable Heart

Author– MoKSh

Previous Works– Debut Novel

Author Contact–

Publishers–  Partridge Publishing

Number Of Pages– 110

“My eyes were wet, tears waiting to drop from my eyes and heart started to sob. The words from Jiya pushed me on my back foot…”
“Whatever it may be. This air was totally different and I was enjoying and enjiying in full. Again the bells of my heart had started ringing … ringing aloud…”
“I had no clue where this conversation would lead me to. All I coukd do was to get carried away with the time..”
” Separation became a routine for me. Greeting with one name and goodbye with another word was one of a kind..”
“A usual thumbs up gesture with a dimpled cheeky smile used to be a stress buster..”
“All I knew was that my heart beats have started to accelerate. It pounded more than ever before. My heart beats always behaved in the same manner whenever Ankita talked to me on the phone or off the phone..”
” At that moment of time my heart felt like, a letter written and not sent…”
“… eveb if he and me, both were the only person in this earth, I won’t fall in love with him, even then…”
” I could sense Jiya eluding away from me. Every second seemed a torture to me. I just kept my fingera crossed. I had no idea what God had in store for me…”

Mrinav works in a call centre as an executive and his love life is somewhat cursed by the lord. His heart falls or some girl now and then and each time the feelings are honest from his side but destiny changes its tracks even before he could confess to anyone of them.
With average looks and an average life his confidence as well keeps fluctuating every time he falls for someone.
Will Mrinav ever be able to find someone who falls for his unpredictable heart instead of giving him another heartache to endure?
Will his lovelife stay away from the evil eyes of the universe?
Read The Unpredictable Heart to find out.

Rather than being just a romance, I found the book as quite funny because poor Chhota Don keeps falling for girls and they are taken out of his reach each and everytime.
I loved the presentation of the book as well, especially the highlighted words from the book that later form the blurb of the book, it clearly shows the effort the author has put in the book’s look
The plot is surely one of a kind as the major twist occurs in the last page of the book as the author keeps the suspense saved for probably the sequel of the book.

The story surely is about the musings of an unpredictable heart and the author has surely done his part at describing Mrinav’s thoughts all the time.

Ratings- 2.5 out of 5 stars.

The book has a lot of editing errors as in spelling mistakes, tense violation and many grammatical errors.
The plot as well has many loopholes, for example Abhi asks Mrinav to forget Ankita and reconsider his resignation, though there was no mention of any resignation in the entire book.

The book is a clear example that the author has a lot of potential and I will be more than glad if he keeps in mind the error and doesn’t repeat the same in order to provide an all in all perfect book to read.

Reviewed By– Banaja Prakashini

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  1. Gd review…But aleast 3 stars should have been given else the whole work of promoting the book through reviews will become a mere waste of time and money.

    1. It isn’t about saving the money and time. It’s about being honest and providing our verdict which I strictly follow.
      And I don’t think that the author would be happy to receive less stars to his own credit rather than getting more stars just because of courtesy

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