Review Pen: The Kissing Circles by Nitin Tewari


Book– The Kissing Circles.. to be or not to be extraordinary.
Author– Nitin Tewari
Previous Works– Debutant Novel
Publishers–  Invincible Publishers
Number of pages – 313

Manoj and Rajesh, two engineers with not so good academic achievements and not so bright future, join Digisys in Kerela, cursing their fate and lives they are united with another like fated Adish Matthew , an IT geek with an incurable phobia of his father’s anger.
He introduces them to Mutthur, his friend whose love life is jeopardized by his love’s father who looks down on Mutthur.
The boring thoughts about Digisys vanish when they felt blessed about being in the locale with Adish as their guide, and a budding friendship found its way between them. Life was a rose and soon the thorns found their way, pricking in their skin. Manoj started doubting himself and his futile hope for a bright future seemed to be fading, Rajesh’s life took a drastic turn and he found himself buried under the load of grief and alcohol, Adish’s bridge of tolerance for his father’s taunts seemed to be crumpling, though he didn’t have the courage to revolt against his father, Mutthur of all suffered the biggest loss when his only hope of winning his love lay in ashes.

The Southies and the Northies joined hands against their misfortune to defend their future, and overcame many odds. Will they come out victorious in the end or lose the final race? Read the Kissing Circles to find out, for ‘ to be or not to be extraordinary’ is the present question.

The book is written in multiple point of views that makes it different from the others and has been pulled off really well.
The detailed description is highly appreciated for I could fathom the pain and effort the author has poured into his writing, all the local festivals and the traditions in them have been explained rather than just being mentioned and that makes the book informative as well.
Glad to know the history behind Pal Payasam, because any details regarding food is always welcomed.
The north indian bargain, the dazed southie, the vegetarian dread, the Nain Sukh Prapti, the desperate male, the Vashikaran and many other things will make the reader chuckle.
Look out for “The Sunday Church” named chapter, the first four pages were unexpected and a sure treat.
The book left me wondering one thing though, Do crabs have tails?
Yes they do.

Ratings- 3 out of 5 stars

This is not one of those books that everyone would be pleased to read, despite the satisfactory presentation and detailing, if a reader is not able to connect with the book (which might be difficult for non-technical line holders) it would pass off as a non-worthy read.

The author has used quite a bagful of good words but he better could have explained some, for ‘Alcohorginity‘ isn’t even explained by Google. P.S- It’s alcohol-virginity .

I actually had to google about some basic parts of a boat in order to be able to understand what exactly was going on in the story while the designing and that was quite tiring.

Reviewed by– Banaja Prakashini

* Coincidences are strange at times. At ‘all’ times. But when they occurs, they invariably seem inconsequential to our lives.

* You don’t sell memories.

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