Review Pen: The Highway Man by J Alchem (Ebook)

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Author- J Alchem

Previous Works- A road not travelled

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Publishers- Amazon Kindle


Number of pages– 68


The whole world is upside down. People are walking in the sky with the ground moving above their heads. And the reason is simple; a bestselling author is in love. But why the whole world is inverted? What’s so special about this love? Or worse?

A man throws his masculine brain and heart aside and fixes a feminine one there. And the reason is simple; he wants to live the life of his lover, for 24 hours. But why does he want to do that? What’s the need?

A man, neatly dressed in a suit, is playing with his bowler hat, on a highway at dawn. And the reason is simple; he needs a lift. But why does he need a lift? What’s his purpose?


How much does it take to make someone else smile?

Maybe a few jokes, maybe a few blunders held close to the heart, hidden in it’s walls.

The Highway Man is the answer.

With three short stories up it’s sleeve, The Highway Man by J Alchem is not more than 60 minutes worth of your time.

The first story being something that explains every reader’s fantasy yet is something different. The story ends in the best way possible leaving the reader craving for more.

The second story is something that is really sweet as it shows how two people in love find each other’s heart the best abode to dwell in. They try to provide each other with tiny deeds of happiness and then realise how lucky they are to have the other.

The third is the one that justifies the title of the book and surely is a lovely read as it gives a lesson to the reader to appreciate what we have because what’s gone is gone forever.

The book is well written and the writing is expressive which gives the reader the pleasure of reading as well as conveys what the author want the reader to know.

If a reader is into reading author’s note before reading the book, you will be awed by the love a person has for his work.

Easy to read and understand with a wonderful topic chosen to write on.

The title is not to be confused with the “highwayman” which has an entirely different meaning.
Ratings –

Cover- 3.5 stars

Title- 4 stars

Blurb- 2 stars

Plot- 3 stars

Writing and Presentation- 4 stars

Overall Rating- 3.3 out of 5 stars.

The first story though good is somewhat off the storyline of the rest of the two stories so no relationship among the two could be established.

The second story being a romance was way too mushy for my liking but it will be appreciated by those who appreciate the genre to great extent.

The blurb,though creative, doesn’t give much idea regarding the content of the book.

Reviewed By– Banaja Prakashini

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