Review Pen: The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Vikrant Khanna

Book-The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Author- Vikrant Khanna

Previous Works – Secretly Yours

Publisher- Penguin Publishers India

ISBN-13 –

Number Of Pages-


A little girl with a wish to see her late mother again meets someone in the park who has a story to tell, but things go wrong when her storyteller friend’s biggest secret is out, leaving the girl horrified.

Will the storyteller be able to complete his story?

Will the little girl get what she wishes for?
Read The Girl Who Knew Too Much to find out.

The book has an amazing start where the author does the work of building anticipation in the reader to make them turn the page.

The book has two major plot twists in the first hundred pages that would make a reader want to continue with the book.


Cover- 3 stars

Title- 2 stars

Blurb- 1 star

Plot- 1 star

Writing and Presentation- 3 stars

Overall- 2 out of 5 stars.

Reading the first few pages was an absolute delight but beyond that the plot loses its quality and becomes a hard to bear cliché.

The book has editing errors in the form of tense violation and the cover could have used some more imagination in order to make it relevant to the plot.

The blurb is misleading as the plot is nowhere close to a darkly suspenseful romance mystery.

The reason behind the title The Girl Who Knew Too Much has not been well explained  anywhere in the book making it seem like a deception to grab attention of a reader.

The book has the ability to grab the positive attention of sensible readers only if the second half is written in accordance with the standards of the amazing first half.
Reviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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