Review Pen: The Flame Of Anahata by Saranya Umakanthan

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    The flame of anahata-

Book– The Flame Of Anahata
Author– Saranya Umakanthan
Previous Work– The Divine Command
Publishers– General Press Publishers
ISBN-13–  978-8180320248
Number Of Pages– 240

“They turned to see his tears of love wiping away her blood of agony..”
Diya throws Suraj’s proposal back in his face, leaving him broken-hearted. Why would she do so when she loved him desperately?Suraj finds his Guruji unconscious beside a cave clutching the warrior Indrajith’s diary. His heart-rending love story then unfolds. Being trapped in a web of emotions, Indrajith endured the pain of his lost love, hurting himself and trampled Deepali’s hope for his adopted brother.. Who was he?Sealed for centuries and holding the Mann-Parivarthana astra, the cave is besieged by evil now. But all attempts to unlock it go futile. Faced with baffling hints, Suraj’s intelligence is sorely tested. What is the potent power required to break through that Paanch-Dost-Gupha?
The Flame of Anahata
Will the fire of love ever flicker in the hearts of Diya and Suraj?

The Asurshasak wishes to claim the ultimate weapon on earth, the Mann-Parivarthana astra but that lies way beyond his reach, locked up in a cave that requires unknown powers to open.

Suraj Sena needs to know the secret behind his Acharya being found senseless with a diary and his quest brings out memories of the last birth along with his true love. With love by his side he, Suraj decodes the way to open the cave that holds the more powerful weapon of all time and with that begins his fight with Asurshasak who cleverly deceives him to grab the weapon.

The only thing that can confront his wrath is to awaken the Flame of Anahata in them.
Will they succeed? Will they figure out the way to reverse the effect of the Mannparivarthana Astra? Will Asurshasak accept defeat easily?
Is it just a start or the ending? Read The Flame Of Anahata to find out.

The Flame of Anahata is the second book in the Comeback Warrior Series and it is advisable to read the first book before reading this so that a reader won’t confuse yourself.

As a reader, the mysterious, decades old stories that crave their marks on the stones of time have a soft spot in my heart and this story resides there.

The book’s events take place both in the current timeline and in the past as described by Indrajith’s diary so the reader gets a taste of both the ancient world and the modern world.

The author has put together a lot of minute details and then worked them out to carry out bigger revelations. So if you have a habit of penning down minute details about the book, you are good to go.

Cover- 3 stars
Title- 4 stars
Blurb- 3 stars
Plot- 3.5 stars.
Writing and Presentation- 3 stars
Overall-  3.3 stars out of 5

The writing is expressive and appropriate for the story but somewhere the presentation lagged behind. If a fantasy fiction is going to be presented for a read, the reader would obviously expect everything to happen in ways that are far away from ordinary and that’s where the book disappoints the reader.

The book could have awed the reader has there been a little more magic in it, for example, Bakula could have found some dark magic source to train his army as anyone cannot be born of dark blood just like that in order to join him, as in case of Asursashak.

The idea of the Mannparivartan astra was a really fascinating one but it was marred when there was no mysterious story behind it.

The book’s cover is marvellous but it gives a wrong impression that the book might have a strong female character while that doesn’t happen, though Diya’s character was important, it wasn’t that strong to make it to the cover.

Reviewed By– Banaja Prakashini

Reviewer’s Note
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