Review Pen: The Tale Of The Fervent Lad by Tasneem Ahmed (Poetry)


Book– The Tale Of The Fervent  Lad
Author– Tasneem Ahmed
Previous Works – Debut Book.
Author Contact
Publishers – Blue Rose Publishers
Number Of Pages– 105

In the normal world, the world where we are taught to live the conventional form of life, A world where prejudice resides in the minds of our mainstream society, A child is born, from facing the separation of his parents at the age of 5, To crossing oceans for his only love at the age of 18, The child’s alter ego finds the poetic inception which takes him on a journey towards a new Realm. As he moves through the Dark Forest Glades and across the Epodic Ocean, he narrates his rhymes of Justice, Hope and his battle against this tyrannical world to chase his Enchanting dreams. Welcome to this rhythmic journey.

The Fervent Lad,  is the poet’s life in verses,  as described by his alter ego.
His pain on separation, his struggle to strive,  his survival on betrayal,  the princess of his dreams, some elements of the society, all described in the way the Fervent Lad sees it.

He doesn’t  see life the way it is,  in the calamity he sees struggle, in the broken he sees hope, he realises when his love was true, he knows how to cross oceans for love, yet stand tall when broken,  he lets his mind wonder to places, find the one amidst his imagination.

The book has soulful poetry that can make someone fall for those words or at least lose themselves in it.
The poems describe the journey of the Fervent Lad so it is advisable to read the poems one after the other rather than picking one from the list.

The poet writes about reality and then moves to his fantasy and that’s what makes it more amusing as the readers will get to read both the kinds of poems.

The Empyreal Kingdom is my favourite as the poem forms a symbiosis with fantasy and reality, followed by the Emir of Darkness and The Archangel.
The Valiant Veil describes the beauty and elegance of a woman in hijab who stands graceful in her attire.
The poem doesn’t follow any specific rhyming scheme.

It is a book with a story,  the language used is simple enough to be understood after some effort and yet sophisticated enough to match the taste of avid poetry readers.
A word of advice for anyone who wishes to buy the book, do not buy the ebook version,  I repeat DO NOT.
As I had the ebook version for review and I still regret the fact that I will never have such a beautiful book in paper.

Cover- 4 stars
Title- 4 stars
Blurb- 4 stars
Poetry- 4 stars
Writing and Presentation – 4 stars
Overall Rating- 4 stars out of 5

The poet tries to rhyme the lines at times which could have been better if left to be in free verse.
A few editing errors were  spotted.

Favourite Lines-
I have a lot left behind, for I have so much more to find.

Reviewed By – Banaja Prakashini

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