Review Pen: The Crossbow Code by MC Raj


Book– The Crossbow Code


Author–  MC Raj

Previous Works– MC Raj has authored 21 books to his credit.
Author Contact–
Publishers– Panther House Paper & Digital Publication LLP
Number of pages– 352 ( Including acknowledgement)


The Crossbow Code ” is a thriller by MC Raj which will instill back your faith in Indian literature.

Kris, a guy born to a woman who knows nothing of her child’s father, leaves his harsh past behind to lead a happy life with his two wives Rhea and Fatima, but fate doesn’t seem to have had enough with his atrocities.
The Pope of the Vatican, passes out in front of a whole crowd, just by a mere sight of Kris. Suspected to be a terrorist, the poor passerby is sent through tenious interrogations till the Pope comes to his rescue and desires to meet him.
The meeting doesn’t go as planned and Kris manages to anger the Pope with his true statements about the way The Church is supposed to behave and is then thrown out of The Vatican .
He takes refugee and later comes to know of the death of the Pope.
Later, he comes in contact with Mohandas and many other people.
The rest should be left unsaid if I want the reader to enjoy the book.

But the only question that should be in one’s mind is, Who was Kris? Was he a human or an extraterrestrial being which hindu scriptures refer to as Kalki who had come to destroy the world or just another passerby who had more faith in humanity than the famous leaders.

The book is about the conspiracies of the Vatican, truth behind the leaders of our hard fought independence, the existence of The Christ and many more tales which mask the naked truth from our minds.

What if Jesus wasn’t really The Christ, but some commoner?

What if, he was just the son of God in the way we all happen to be the children of God and nothing special?

What if , The Christ was nothing but a sham?

What if Mohandas wasn’t the guy we read about in the history books but a businessman looking for the profit of his class?

What if some experiments with truth violated the truth itself?

What if we all were living with our false ideals from the past?
Read ” The Crossbow Code ” to find out.

Ratings – 4.2 out of 5 stars.

The book is based in the events of the past so those who not know of it , won’t find the content appealing.
So to enjoy the book, you need to know your history.
The book might confuse the readers who know nothing about The Bible, as there has been mention of the new testament and the characters by the name of Saul and Rocky who happen to be related to The Holy Bible.

This is not the book for you if your mind doesn’t have the capacity to think out of the box.
The author breaks all the stereotypic images you have in your mind about your history and all you can do is brace yourself to be able to survive the bombshells that the author deploys in his words.

Kudos to MC Raj for delivering something so powerful that all we can do is nod our heads in shock at each relevation.
Every single page of this book is worth the money you wil spend in buying the book.
A must read and perhaps a should be read book as well.


* The prospect of losing money can do wonders.
* Black skins, Black masks! Shining stars! Centuries old goodness revealed! Darker horizons brightened hopes.
* Working for the spirit unpredictable by the human mind! Rationality surrendering unconditionally to the spirit of the bottle ( rum).
* Religion the double edged sword! The opium of the people! Innocent and unassuming, at receiving end on all sides.
* Defense mechanism, worst way to lose human balance.
* Truth belongs to itself objectively and does not belong to anybody.
* India, the land of taboos! Double standard moralism! Morons as moral guardians!
* When bad luck comes, it comes in a row. When good fortune comes, it rips through the roof and comes in waves.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

Buy the book at – The Crossbow Code (First Edition, 2016)

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