Review Pen: Thank You Love By Ayush Gupta

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Book–  Thank You Love
Author– Ayush Gupta
Previous Works– Debut novel
Author contact–
Publishers– Half Baked Beans Publishing
Number of pages–  121

“Thank You Love” “…yes, I said, everything in life is uncertain, and it speaks the same.” All human energy comes from that one thought. All the pain that we bear and the joys that we celebrate are the results of our thoughts at any moment. Strange isn’t it? When Akshita was making her choices, Rayan made his. He refused to get over her and chose to own her absence in his heart and mind . Thank You Love describes how sitting on the floor in silence changed the world of “Rayan”. He realized that love is not something that happens between two people, instead it’s an enduring quality within people. He realized that love is not something that you do, but is the way you are. He re-moulds one of the most important event of his life into a spark, re-channelizes it and heads towards something that would later change the course of his life.

Rayan and Akshita , a couple who had promised to be together forever find their love going astray when Akshita moves to Bangalore for her job.
A love-sick Rayan tries to get their love back on track, only to be ignored at first and then rejected by Akshita.
Driven by depression , he remembers their old happy days while trying new ways to win back her love.

Will he ever be able to make Akshita come back to his life or will she find someone else instead of him?
Will Rayan ever find out why Akshita ditched him after a relationship of three years?
Will he ever be able to get over her?
Will he find love again?
Will Akshita ever realise his worth?
Read Thank You Love to get the answers.

The book throws light on some perks of meditation which was a bit expected from the cover.
The cover of the book is perfect for the plot and has been designed well.

Ratings- 1.5 out of 5 stars

The plot has a lot of loopholes, for example Akshita stands in front of Riya’s house and says that her friends are calling her , though there was no mention of them being at Riya’s place.

The past and present thoughts do not bear any distinction, confusing the reader in making out which is which.

Numerous errors in editing. The book will be more appreciated if would have been written in a better way. The writing still has space for a lot of improvement.
The execution of the plot seemed like a drag from Rayan being a love-sick guy to cherishing his enlightening words from past in his diary and sudden realisation of sorts, somewhere it was either because the author wasn’t able to efficiently convey his musings via words or he was confused himself regarding Rayan’s actions.

The book has been categorized as “Romance” though anyone who picks it with some romantic  expectations would be disappointed, for the book provides somewhat of a lesson to not forget betrayed love.
The moral or purpose of the story still remains unclear to me. Does the book support that one should not forget their cheating ex but cherish their memory forever? If that’s the case, the book doesn’t provide much of a good teaching.

Chapter 12 was a good read, though it also had faulty description. You can’t just release your energy chakra and feel your pain, fear, guilt etc flowing away. It could have been a great thing to read if it were written in a somewhat better way that the reader could connect.

Reviewed By– Banaja Prakashini

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