Review Pen: Million Memories by Pallavi Kodan

Pallavi Kodan

Author–  Pallavi Kodan

Book- Million Memories

Previous Works– Debut Novel

Publishers– Partridge Publishing

Number Of Pages- 210

Format– Paperback


Follow Ashima and her friends through their roller coaster ride from teenage to adulthood, to being actual adults.

A story about growing up together, crushes…love..fights..doubting and realizing self worth…failing and standing up for one self…struggles and challenges.

A story, which is an amalgamation of many experiences and emotions.

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Million Memories by Pallavi Kodan is a book on life and friendship.

Three friends and their journey of life. Aashima, Karishma and Siddhant, from classes to tuitions, they grew up together. Higher education made them drift apart and they left with promises to stay in touch. Karishma who was the misfit among the valued Siddhant and Aashima, had a great deal of ups and downs, fallings and heartbreaks , she ignored her old friends for the new found fun but returned back to them, every time with the sulk that proved her sorrow.

Being madly in love with her, Siddhant always found her in her heart while the all forgiving Aashima was always more than a friend who cared.
Siddharth finds the way to make a profession out of his passion but somewhere there are distractions that don’t let him strive.
Ashima falls in love but is confused about the right time.
Time takes it’s leaps and Karishma’s series of misfortunate adventures don’t seem to end. Will she ever be in peace? What will happen to Aashima, the goody to shoes? Will Siddhant ever get over Karishma? Read Million Memories to find out.

The book is a light read written in simple and easy English.

It has a bit slow start but gains pace at the end and sometimes has a humor quotient to  it.

Karishma’s tragic yet foolish love life will make the reader give it a sarcastic smile but the smile gets turned to a laugh with her boyfriend number 4. A guy who goes all Monica (Friends) on Karishma to the extent of driving her away from him, it was the funniest thing the book could offer.

The book has a really simple yet pleasant cover , a fading beach, seagulls, a person with an umbrella, Pallavi Kodan has surely nailed it with the choice of the cover.

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Cover- 4 stars

Title- 3.5 stars

Blurb- 3 stars

Plot- 2 stars

Writing and Presentation- 2 stars

Overall- 2.9 out of 5 stars.

The book has a rather simple plot that makes it an one-time read.

Even though the book is written from one person’s narrative, one of the friends, all of them have been referred to as different people.

The book had a good number of errors and can use some developmental editing.

The cover made me have high expectations from the book which were later disappointing, owing to the fact that the presentation was way too straight forward. The book could use some word play to keep the reader hooked.

Reviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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About Pallavi Kodan-

Pallavi Kodan is an avid reader and writer, a Post Graduate in literature. Judge of Queen’s Commonwealth Essay 2015 from India.She has many national and international publications to her repute. This novel is very close to her heart.


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