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Book– Love Bi The Way
Author– Bhaavna Arora
Previous Works–  Mistress of Honour
,   The Deliberate Sinner

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Publishers– Penguin Books
Number of pages– 239

Love Bi The Way” is a romance fiction by Bhaavna Arora.
The book has the story of love in the purest of its forms.
It revolves around the romantic lives of Rihana and Zara.
Rihana, a painter who paints love and the only love she seeks in real is the one made in bed.
She knows what men are made of and what they wants and every single time she is successful at making their blood rush to their groins. She is too glam to give a damn and she is aware of the fact that the only male that loves her unconditionally is Tiger, her golden retriever.
Her days are fuelled by inspiration and nights by passion and each time the man is different.
Zara, a businesswoman set to pave her path in the male dominant world and be truly independent. A soft hearted woman who just wishes to make peace with her past. She keeps to herself most of the time and the one time she opens up to Rihana is after gulping few glasses of wine.
The ladies have a series of romantic encounters with many men, including a Prince who charms Zara into making her feel like the beautiful woman she is and a few unfortunate incidents as well that make them open up to each other and slowly paves a way to their love to surface.
Its a treat to read the women make a pact with their past so that it doesn’t bother them anymore and the way two independent girls deal with all the situations that they face. And in the end, how they fall in love and realise that all they need to cherish is their togetherness and the intimacy they share with each other that no other man had ever been able to reach.

The book summarizes change as the current society treats sex and every other thing related to it as taboo. Two women in love are neither socially nor legally accepted in our country and yet this book stands proud displaying all the love women can have in a healthy relationship.
Love doesn’t need to be with someone of the opposite sex, you just go there where you find love.
The book is both sugar and spice. Zara’s serenity and Rihana’s talent depict the sweetness and the passion between the ladies and the men they spend their time with( I would like to mention the Prince) spices up the book.

The best thing about the book, the scenes were perfectly described, passionate, sexy yet nowhere near vulgar. The author has pulled off the scenes with such grace that most people aren’t able to do.
The writing style is simple without the use of many gargantuan words which makes it an east and appreciable read.

Ratings- 3 stars out of 5

Though the feeling between the two could be felt, it would have been better if there were more words describing it

The book has been named ” Love BI the way ” which gives a view of a love relationship where the woman/man is confused whether he/she loves the man more or the woman while the plot is clearly  of lesbian love.

The book clearly has a plot to inspire as the author and the editor have done a great job.

* Give wings to a poor man’s aspirations and he will emerge from poverty only to be dependent on his providers.
* You can either be truthful or faithful in a relationship.
* A devil is just a drunk angel.
* Thieves follow principles more than saints.
* Making love to a body is different from making love to a soul.
* Pleasure is never associated with morality.
*Some paintings are better lived than being depicted on canvas.
* Love has no gender.
* Sex is a part, rather a subset of love.
* The only endangered species today is probably “humanity”.
* Oxygen is enough to survive, but to really live, you need much more.
* Love is like the truth— everyone has their own version. The heart has its own justification for love, especially the one the world denies.
* When a heart seeks love, the world cannot stop it, as no higher principle should govern it.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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