Review Pen: Karma by Kevin Missal

kevin missal

Author–  Kevin Missal

Book-  Karma

Previous Works– Yama

Publishers– Kalamos Literary Services

Number Of Pages- 82

Format– Paperback


KARMA IS WORLD’s FIRST INSTAREAD Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house. But there are two problems. One, she Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house. But there are two problems. One, she had died eight years back. Second, she is not human anymore.

Can he love her again?


When the dead past stands in front of you, smeared in blood, the only measure you can resort to is stare at disbelief. Karman Malik, a man who loved his wife and watched as she was pulled away from him on a fateful night, finds her standing in front of his door. Urvi, who has been probably back from the gateway of hell to seek revenge on her murders, leaves on stone unturned in confusing her living spouse, who is still in love with her. Will Karman be able to cover the heinous deeds of Urvi so will he fall prey to the soul deprived woman playing his wife? Read Karma by Kevin Missal to find out.

Karma by Kevin Missal is the world’s first InstaRead, owing to the fact that it is a short and light read of  82 pages in light font.

The book isn’t the kind that would bore the reader as it starts and ends in a jiffy even before you feel like it might bore you. That serves as a positive point for it as it can be read anywhere, lectures, afternoons, on the commute, it’s small and adorable size makes it easy for the book to be sneaked it anywhere, without any sort of issue.

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Cover- 2 stars

Title- 2 stars

Blurb- 1 stars

Plot- 3 stars

Writing and Presentation- 2 stars

Overall- 2 out of 5 stars.

The cover is a rather well designed one, but the picture used for the editing purpose, had a make-up laden woman while is quite a bit of a turn off. The book inclines towards horror genre and the woman’s face could have been made to look more frightening.

The title is a well chosen one but some explanation regarding it, if added in the book could have done wonders.

The blurb is disappointing as the story is nowhere about love, Karman did have feelings for his wife but he was aware of her state. The book is more about revenge.

The book had an amazing plot but the lack of effective storytelling ruined the fun, it had the ability to make the reader gasp because of the tremendous twist in the end.

The book could use more effective editing as the plot had the ability to be a lot more than what it is.

Reviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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About Kevin Missal-

Kevin Missal, is a graduate from St. Stephen’s College who has been writing since the age of twelve. He published his first book at the age of fourteen titled, “Damien Black the battle of Lost Ages” which was launched by then Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit. He wrote his second book titled “Unlocked” that was published by an Indie British publishing. The third book was published by Half Baked Beans was titled “Yama” that was released with rave reviews. He’s an amateur filmmaker, a reader and a part time co-owner of Kalamos Literary Services. He can be contacted on-

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