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Book– Go Clown
Author– Shatrugna Vadwlas
Previous Works– Debutant novel.
Author contact–
Publishers– Shatrugna Vadwlas in facilation
Number of pages– 325

What is Go Clown?
Better to ask, what is not “Go Clown”?
Should I buy a car?
How to write a book called Go Clown,
and make it a Hit!
How to become a Karma-Guru?
How to get a Torch-Light for free?
How to sell anything to Americans?
How to woo a Girl?
What is the meaning of life?
Anything and everything!

A child is born, the clown within him takes birth later. The clown lives within Kiriti, without him, Kiriti is a whole different person.
From being the boy who was ridiculed with care to the one who paved his path to one seats where the “powerful” reside, the book is about Kiriti or the game “Go” that gave birth to the clown inside him.
Whatever he became, did he strive all by himself or was it the clown within him?
Go Clown” is the one which provides the answer.
The book starts from Chantee Technological Solutions and goes back in time to the Central institute of technology and so on, telling us about the life or the Clown and Kiriti.
A kid from a middle class family, dreams to travel abroad, away from the country whose stereotypes suffocated his family, bringing upon his mother the wrath of the jealous ones.
The book is about the sacrifices of a woman, whose husband never helped in raising th kids, the kids who were subjected to taunts of their relatives, the boy who wanted to have a house for his mother, the juniors who were tortured by their seniors, a letter that explains the reality of time and those who are dealing with it, the dishonest officers who didn’t work without pressure, the success that came with hard work and the feeling when something in you is missing.

The book starts with a boring note and turns interesting as Kiriti steps into CIT, the fun among the new family of fellow Melugus will tickle the funny bone of the readers and result into laughter at times.
The scratching Nirvana, the banana awards and the stories of the man compass still are the best ones to be read(or laughed at).
The book contains adorable stories from the boy’s childhood which will fill the heart with awe.
The best thing about the book is way it has been written, surely a whole new way to write a book  and the execution of the plot is utterly marvelous, kudos to the author for writing something like that.

Ratings- 3.5 out of 5 stars.
The book is a bit confusing a first because of the constant changing scenarios without any relevance.
The book is anything but for light reading and surely isn’t something that everyone can grasp.
A certain loopholes exist as well.
The book, though available in comedy section isn’t entirely a comedy as it turns into a somewhat serious read towards the end.
Despite that, the book is something that should be widely read because of its rich content which is more than just comedy.

Reviewed byBanaja Prakashini

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A meaningful paragraph from the book that I would like to share-
” Caste-wise, he and his wife were on the opposite ends of the pyramid. And his baby, well his baby wasn’t a part of any caste-pyramid, but was the part of a rainbow, the rainbow which was seen rising outside after the mid-evening rain, with one end firmly rooted in the present and the other ending in a new world, where all the colours and castes merged into one, a colour of touch, feel and love.”

* And the major money minting machines of Bollywood, anything which held a mirror to the ugly truths in India wouldn’t sell.

* Education is the only ticket you have to your future! We are middle class Indians with nothing to hold on to!

* Every picture tells a story , the story which could be best understood by the spectator. A story of immaculate happiness, unfulfilled yearnings, begrudged dreams, hurt soulfulness, purposeful levity and content optimism.

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