Review Pen: Across Seven Seas By Neelmani Bhatia


Book– Across Seven Seas
Author– Neelmani Bhatia
Previous Works– Debut Novel
Author Contact
Publishers– Blue Rose Publishers
Number of Pages– 171

The characters in Across Seven Seas find themselves dealing with the challenges of their emotions, needs, and desires within the tapestry of their upbringing, values and the viewpoint of those around them.
She thought all white-skinned men were interested only in one-night stand relationships, though proficient yet high handed and autocratic. He considered all Indians to be intrusive, wanting to know of personal details like marital status, salary, preferences immediately after first introduction.
Thinking that if he allowed the take-it-easy attitude of most Indians to prevail, he will never get the work finished and head home made him taciturn. His authoritativeness became his tool of getting work done, a dead fiancé made Anita not only live in past but also becomes bitter and an introvert.
Reticence was her armor for defense. He became dictatorial and she rebellious. The novel Across Seven Seas is set in the early eighties, when computers were still a novelty in India and mobile phones were unheard of. Love was still being expressed through real roses, and not the virtual cut-and-pasted ones, as is being done these days.

Anita Bhatt is an independent woman with a lonely heart surrounded by family. She has a past and less hopes for future. Walks in Keith Holroyd, from England to work with Anita’s company for 6 months.

Driving off Anita from her office cabin, Mr.Holroyd successfully gets enrolled in Anita’s hate list. She finds ways to get back at him and Keith gets ill in the process.

Their cat and dog fights changed into love and Anita found herself submitting to the emotion, will Keith reciprocate her feelings?

Or is it just a fling for the man from across the seven seas?

Read the book to find out.
The book is based on the time of early eighties which deprives the main characters from the advantages of wireless gadgets and surely adds to the plot.

Keith’s taunts done in the most gentlemanly way possible will leave you smiling at his antics and the words will make anyone who is attracted to the male race fall for him.
Words are used so appropriately that the sentences framed are very beautiful and tranquil.

Anyone who reads this book will take his/her time to appreciate the beauty of the author’s work, a beauteous piece of literature indeed. So soothing that a reader would not be able to go ‘power-reading’ on it.

The book has a soul, a soul brought to existence by the author’s musings. The book has been written for the sake of literature and a well-executed plot makes it a sure shot pleasure for anyone who picks it.

The cover is simple and though not much eye catching, I loved the O in “across”. It was quite a creative step.

Cover- 3.5
Plot- 3
Writing and Presentation- 4.5
Overall- 3.5 out of 5 stars

The book though an exquisite piece of writing, is a bit low in terms of plot. The plot is very simple with no twists or turns which leaves the reader hoping for some change in the plot till the very end.

Favourite lines from the book

You know it Anne. You always had your CLAWS out whenever I was around. Still I found you as cuddly as the aloof Siamese cat“.

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Reviewed By – Banaja Prakashini

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