Review Pen: A Broken Man by Akash Verma


Book– A Broken Man
Author– Akash Verma
Previous Works– It Happened That Night, Three Times Loser.
Author Contact–
Publishers– Shrishti Publishers
Number of pages– 224


A Broken Man is a fictional romance by Akash Verma .

Lives are churned by the hands of time and that’s how Krishna Kumar meets Chhavi Shankar Mishra. Life was harsh on the Dalit Krishna who always was judged on the basis of his surname, his thirst to not be a nobody paved his way into the student politics in the Lucknow University. Though a mere pawn he was, saving Chhavi from a conspiracy to kill her by fire opened his eyes to the clear graph of who the right people were.
Krishna’s selfless act affected Chhavi’s heart to a great extent and she became friends with him, the friendship took the form of love and soon Chhavi became acquainted with the atrocities that Krishna had to face because of being born in a so called lower caste which being a Brahmin she had never faced.
Love no matter how pure is always lashed with the rules of the society and the same happened with the duo.
They were forced to go separate ways and Krishna landed in the city of dreams, Mumbai to follow his heart, something that Chhavi had asked to him to do before.
The years and the distance weren’t capable of diminishing the love he held for her in his heart. The book is to be read to find out whether destiny favours the long lost lovers or their love fades away as the mortal bodies do.

The author possesses good presentation skill which is reflected in the writing of the book itself.
The additional character of Ram Singh was a pretty much clever move as it hypes up the pain that the book has to offer to the readers to feel.
The book was error free and that would be a relief for the grammar nazis out there.
The book has a simple and sober story which makes it a good companion to evening coffee.
Sharing an excerpt from the book which I found particularly hilarious.

‘ Who else do you have in your family? ‘
‘Father, mother, Ganesh my younger brother and Gauri, our buffalo, ‘ he said.

Ratings- 3 out of 5 stars.

The plot has some similarities with Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend, serving old wine in a new bottle.
The plot gains pace towards the climax instead of maintaining the that what it had at the beginning.
The story was quite a simple one in comparison to what comes to mind when one reads the blurb.
The author has forgot to mention some parts whose addition to the story could have made it a bit more interesting, for instance, the reaction of Krishna’s family when he left for Mumbai.

All in all, the story has the essence that makes it a goodread.


*The two biggest adversities that one can be born with in this country are caste and poverty.
*Fear of uncertain future inhibits you to live fully in the present.
* There is no reason for you to be embarrassed about your roots. It gives you that uniqueness that differentiates you from others.
* The two greatesr fears in a man’s life are the fear of debt and the fear for people whom he cares for.
* There is more required to run a house than just helping your own breed.
* Love doesn’t choose a caste; it chooses the heart.
* Love is a double-edged sword. It has the ability to push you into the deepest of hells and also the power to redeem you from it.
* The small pleasures in our lives that we don’t even give a second though are special to many.
* If you can use your sadness as a source of growth, you will become a writer of greater depth.
* Self limitations are the decisions that we take, to limit ourselves and the potential we possess. Persevere some more. For every action you take now is going to shape the future.

Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini

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