Review Pen: 15/1 Story Avenue by Avishek Gupta


Book– 15/1 Story Avenue

Author– Avishek Gupta

Previous Work- Debut Book

Author Contact–

Publishers– Author Paradise publishers

Number Of Pages– 187

15/1 Story Avenue – an address where you’ll come across 15 soul touching stories by one author.
Be it a heartwarming campus romance, a spine chilling thriller, or a wonderful travelogue, you will find all under the same roof.
The stories in this collection touch upon everyday lives. They speak of scenarios and characters you can strongly identify with. And yet, these tales grip your attention from the word go.
Come, open the door and enter the house of stories. Wonderful surprises await you inside!

15/1 Story Avenue is an anthology of short stories consisting of 15 stories to be read and relished.
The first story, Teri Meri Hatke Love Story being a simple feel good lovelife of a college clown, the second and the third stories hits the reader out of nowhere.
The concept and the end of The Drift was unique and something that would be well received by readers because of being the fresh sort.
Mandroid was unexpected and unprepared for and though the end was predictable and the idea was something used quite often, a reader would enjoy it.
The lost umbrella is a toast to the untold love stories while Many silences in my soul turned out to be a deep piece of work and along with it, it provides a new innovative side to education.
Of all the stories in the book, Total Eclipse touched me a lot, it was lucid, unexpected and somewhat gripping.

15/1 Story Avenue has stories of a lot many flavours served on a single platter. There are cute tales of love that would make you giggle, some funny encounters, thrillers and a few stories that might make a lone tear trickle down your eye. (The Perfect Photograph to be exact)

Being a short book of 187 pages printed with wide spaced font, the book is an easy read and can be read anywhere without much ado.

Cover- 3.5 Stars
Title- 4 Stars
Blurb- 4 Stars
Plot- 3 Stars
Writing and Presentation- 3.5 Stars
Overall rating- 3.6 out of 5 Stars.

A few stories were a bit damp in comparison to those mentioned earlier, but overall the book is a good pick for the lazy summers.

Reviewed By– Banaja Prakashini


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