Review Pen: Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins by Bharat Madan (Paperback)

BookJim Morgan And The Seven Sins

Author– Bharat Madan

Previous Works- Debut Novel

Publishers- Notionpress Publishers

Number Of Pages– 304

Format- Paperback


A quest to identify seven deadly sins A mystery behind seven keys that were passed to seven men A deadly race against time to seek atonement On the outskirts of New York City, Jim Morgan, an international bestselling author learns through God that he had committed seven sins in his previous life. Clues lie in the six novels he has written, that would lead him to the mystery. But the novels won’t reveal everything to him. With seven days on hand, he must walk in the direction that faith leads him in, to reach the lost chamber of Seven Planets. Unless Morgan understands the secret behind his past life and the sins he committed, his chance to live will be lost forever.


Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins has an unrealistic start, the first conversation itself gives an opinion about the book that it might not be able to hold ground for the reader and might be an over the top fiction.

Gladly, I was wrong and the book turns interesting and entertaining , somewhat in contrast to the start that didn’t amaze me well.

The character of God soon turned into something that captures the attention and calling the character just fascinating would be an understatement. The character Jim Morgan was a rather troubled one with all the tasks that he had to fulfill.

The author Bharat Madan doesn’t waste much time after each adventure, he make sure that the reader gets the next dose of amazement even before the effects of the first dose die out.

The book has an unique plot, something that I had not come across on paper.

The writing is simple and good enough to engage the reader. Turning the pages wasn’t a tedious affair and the story was fluid and the reader goes with the flow.

The editing is decent and it surely is a boost, not finding errors .

The cover is a personal favourite, it’s simple, doesn’t include too many complexities and yet it brings with itself a sense of mystery, a certain urge to pick the book and give the blurb atleast a read.

Kudos to Bharat Madan for coming up with such a book as his debut, not all debut authors can get such supremacy with a plot as this.

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Cover- 4 stars

Title- 4 stars

Blurb- 4  stars

Plot- 4 stars

Writing and Presentation- 4 stars

Overall- 4 out of 5 stars

The book though great enough becomes quite confusing at times making it hard to keep up with the characters.


Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini

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