Atul Jalan

Review Pen: Where Will Man Take Us? By Atul Jalan

Author– Atul Jalan Book– Where Will Man Take Us Previous Works– Debut novel Publishers– Penguin Random House India Number of Pages– 318 Format– Paperback Blurb- The first person who will…

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Ashish Srivastava

Review Pen: Man vs Wife by Ashish Srivastava

Author– Ashish Srivastava Book– Man vs Wife Previous Works– Debut novel Publishers– Amazon Kindle Number of Pages– 128 Format– Kindle Blurb- The story is a sweet and sour narrative of a…

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Ruhee Advani

Review Pen: Strangers in the night by Ruhee Advani

Author– Ruhee Advani Book– Strangers in the Night Previous Works– Growing Up, Finding Utopia Publishers– Number of Pages– 196 Format– Paperback Blurb- Strangers in the Night is a love story…

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Sameer Chopra

Review Pen: The Light Catcher by Sameer Chopra

Author– Sameer Chopra Book– The Light Catcher Previous Works– Debut Novel Publishers– White Falcon Publishing Number of Pages– 303 Format– Paperback Blurb- A captivating story about each one of us who…

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Vishwas Mudagal

Review Pen: The Last Avatar By Vishwas Mudagal

Author– Vishwas Mudagal Book– The Last Avatar : Age of Kalki I Previous Works– Losing My Religion Publishers– HarperCollins India Number of Pages– 314 Format– Paperback Blurb- In the not-so-distant future,…

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Alaknanda Goutham

Review Pen: Coffee and Mocha by Alaknanda Goutham

Author– Alaknanda Goutham Book– Coffee and Mocha Previous Works–  Debut Novel Publishers– White Falcon Publishing Number of Pages– 191 Format– Paperback Blurb- Falling in love with someone is pretty easy. But…

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“I was always an artist at heart”- An Interview with Hureen Saghar Gandhi

  We recently reviewed Hureen Saghar Gandhi’s book, Page 6 and Beyond, and today we will be asking her a few questions regarding her life, love and her book. So…

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M.A Chacko

Review Pen: Two Leaves And A Bud by M.A Chacko

Author– M.A Chacko Book– Two Leaves And a bud Previous Works–  The Circus And Other Stories, How He Met Me And Other Stories, Publishers– The Write Place Number of Pages–  309…

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Kavya Janani

Review Pen: Somewhere in a Song by Kavya Janani

Author– Kavya Janani Book– Somewhere in a song Previous Works–  21 Pearls Publishers– Amazon Kindle Number of Pages–  42 Format– Ebook Blurb- Emma Justin, a young hypnotherapist, is obsessed with a…

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Review Pen: Page 6 and Beyond by Hureen Saghar Gandhi

Author– Hureen Saghar Gandhi Book– Page 6 and Beyond Previous Works– Debut Novel Publishers– Notion press Number of Pages– 256 Format– Paperback Blurb- In modern day America, amidst the contentious presidential…

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