Review Pen: Mirrro The Weird Wayward by Manoj Kumar Sharma

Manoj Kumar Sharma

Author– Manoj Kumar Sharma

Book– Mirrro: The Weird Wayward

Previous Works– Debut Novel


INDIA @ 2030

INDIA, as a developing Nation, grown up manifolds and on the verge of being World’s Super Power with Richest Economy. But at the same time many perennial social problems also grew manifolds, remained inattentive and giving birth to exponential intensification to grievances. The volcanoes of grievances led to Genesis of MIЯЯЯO…

MIЯЯЯO’s unpredictable fearless Modus-Operandi breaks all the Laws and leads to the out-of-the-box solutions as Weird Way Ward, to rejuvenate the Eco-Systems of today’s hypocritical SYSTEMS… it’s up to the discretion of the PEOPLE, to allow or not!

The Story by Manoj Kumar Sharma indicates India’s perennial problems through the eyes of the Protagonist, who always dreamt for the solutions as his own personal aspirations, but, couldn’t succeed meeting even single one, out of his own personal flaws. Time compels him taking help of someone, whom he never believed cordially.

Out of gist of many, only 3 problems are selfishly picked-up by the Protagonist, which hurt him most personally.

MIЯЯЯO weirdly solves those 3 problems with the essence of absolute cleansing as permanent solutions… Will INDIA wish to have such weird, but, permanent solutions to all other problems? Let TIME tell…


Mirrro: The Weird Wayward by Manoj Kumar Sharma revolves around a mysterious set of occurrences where cigarette factories were reduced to ashes and alleged rapists were found to have had Sex reversal surgery without their will and turned into women. The nation stays baffled at the events and the police and the media scratch their brains to find the individual or organization behind it. The owners of the top cigarette factories debate on the unfairness of the situation while the rapists now turned women have no idea how it happened to them. Amidst the chaos, the suspect roams free, but then there is no speck of evidence that could relate the suspect to the cases except a series of unfortunate incidents that might be the motive.

The plot is one of a kind which has been formulated taking a lot of imagination in mind. The thought is the kind that makes a difference. I was particularly impressed with the ideas of the burnt factories and the SRS simply because as a child I had had those ideas until I could get a reason why such steps would be a nuisance for the country.

The author has made a point of giving all the contrasting opinions on every aspect and that’s throws light on the good, the bad and the neutral, making the reader really give some time to choose sides.

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The book has pictures at places, which I really liked because they kept me engaged.

The idea of an entity that powerful and clever, with its own terms and conditions was a brilliant thing.

Ratings- 2 stars out of 5

The book follows no specific style of narration. At times the characters deliver dialogues as if it’s a play but then there is no scene change like real plays.

The scenes are deliberately long the conversations just add up the pages. What could be conveyed in a paragraph, takes too many pages with worthless discussion. The dialogues are extremely repetitive with no character having an individual sense of style. All characters reflect the similar characteristics.

At every part of the story, there is an addition of characters and that’s not easy to keep a track of when you are reading big book. More than half of the book covered Indo’s past and it’s not even a pleasant history.

The protagonist is a pathetic character. He neither has any control over his actions nor does have the willpower to excise control over his life. It was surprising that he was even able to reach the entity. And even after attaining the level of meditation that’s required to awaken the Mirrro, he still was a mess. He had no self-control, no action that indicated that was even a tad bit wiser. For a protagonist, he was every bit of a loser that a reader would never want to see as the central character. He displayed every sing of being a vengeful coward.

The entire setup was good, the SRS was some thought and the nicotine inferno, I loved those ideas, they were surely something. What the book lacks is a good presentation and the ability to connect to the reader. It could have been better, but it wasn’t.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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