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Lipsense Lipcream

I have been using the Lipsense Lipcream for a few days now and here’s the review for it.

I have also added the unboxing video on Amazon, so that others who wish to buy the lipcream, know that it arrives in good condition.


The Lipsense Lipcream is a lipbalm with a huge number of benefits. It comes in an easy squeeze tube, with a nozzle from which the cream can be squeezed out. Its 10 gm of cream and I would happily last about 20-30 days, depending on the frequency of use.


The package arrived safe and sound. The lipcream tube comes with a hard paper cover and the whole thing was wrapped in a cardboard box.

Lipsense Lipcream
The package


The Lipsense Lipcream from Finn cosmeceuticals, boasts a rather impressive list of components such as hazelnut oil, cocoa butter, rosehip seed oil, Hypoxis rooperi extract, wheat germ refined, etc.

Lipsense Lipcream

Lipsense Lipcream
The list of contituents


The Lipsense Lipcream promises the following things-

This luxurious formula is enriched with all that is needed for those luscious looking lips. This ultimate formula protects, hydrates, plumps and lightens your lips with great ease. It softens the roughness of the lips and keeps your lips soft all day long.

Directions to use-

Apply liberally on lips anytime, anywhere and as needed.


The Lipsense Lipcream has somewhat of a fruity fragrance. Nothing too strong but the aroma lingers for some time.

Product quality-

The lipcream is a whitish viscous liquid and is easy to spread on the lips. The texture is invisible over the lips and a single swipe is enough to give full coverage. It is the perfect amount of sticky, not too much but not too less.

The lipcream promised lightening, protection, hydration and plumping. Being honest, I was a bit skeptic at first but it did seem like a great trial and I am so glad I did it. Plumping, yes, it plumps. It made my lips look fuller, I have thin lips and though it has never been a problem, fuller lips look more amazing that thin ones.

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Hydration, yes, it hydrates well enough. I needed to apply it for some 5-6 times a day and I was good to go. A long time after applying the lip cream, I could still feel a waxy coat over it. I tried to wipe it but the feeling still remained with no oily residue on my fingertips. My lips looked full and well moisturized.

Lipsense Lipcream
A little peek-a-boo

Protection, I don’t exactly know what the lipcream was supposed to protect but it sure does prevent the usual chaffing. I bite my lips under the conditions of pressure and it’s merciless enough to cause flaking. The time I used this lipcream, the flaking was minimal. My lips were too soft so biting was not that harsh.

Lightening, now that’s the main reason why anyone would want to buy this product. Most of the Indian ladies are blessed with melanin and sadly, a good amount of that has found a way onto our lips. When I tried this lipcream, I really wanted it to work out for me. I have a dark lined upper lip and usually after an hour or so of washing the lips, there used to be a noticeable change in the color of the lip, darkening it even more. This cream stopped it, my lip doesn’t darken over time so it looks the same as it was. The constant use of this lipcream lightens the melanin content but the work is too slow and you need to be really keen in order to notice that. Regular use could do wonders.

The lipcream I received had an expiry date of 2/2020, the date is mentioned both on the carton and the crink of the tube, there was no manufacturing date mentioned but 2 years is what I have and it’s a pretty good amount of time for just 10gm of lipbalm.

Lipsense Lipcream
The expiry date.


The first time I tried the Lipsense Lipcream, I noticed an instant plumping, my lips looked fuller and I think it has something to do with its ability to moisturize well. There is a slight difference in my lip colour in a week and for some strongly visible effects, a month of use is recommended.

Product Rating-  5 stars

Product Pricing-

The carton says the price of the product is 280, but you can find it on amazon for 245 currently. The time I bought it, the price was even less, so the price fluctuates and it works, so it’s definitely worth the try. 245 for lipbalm that works a lot better than the other in line, is worth it. I have paid more for lip balms and they don’t lighten the melanin as this one.


Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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About Lipsense Lipcream (As mentioned by the seller)-

  • Moisturizes, Smoothies, Nourishes Dry Chapped Lips to Healthy Ones
  • Delivery Continuous Moisture to Keep Lips Hydrated and Nourished.
  • Protects and Repairs Damage Caused to Lips by Sun and Environmental Aggressions
  • Superior Lightening Activity Indicated For Use in Cases of Dark Lips Caused Due to Smoking, Sun Damage, Hereditary Dark Lips and for Any Other Reason.
  • People Who Expecting Quicker Results For Hard/Dry Lips, Gentle Exfoliation of Lips With Lemon or Exfoliating Scrub is Advised, Which Is Then Followed Up With This Lip Cream For Better Results.
  • For the product to show results it takes a minimum period of at least month to two months of twice daily application


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