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I grilled him with questions, “okay”s and “after that”s for about an hour over a call and still he was willing enough to answer the questions again on mail.
Meet Varun Mannava, a workaholic, a pick up artist and recently turned author with his book Polite Pick Up Lines In Indian Pubs. An amazing person to have a chat with, there goes the interview with him.

Hello Mr.Varun Mannava, thank you for the time that you are going to spend on the interview. Really appreciate that.

1. I would like you to share something about yourself with the readers. Something that does not go in the ‘about the author’ section, something that is the real you.

I was an introvert till the age of 28. Now I am 32. The last 4 years has been an amazing journey of self discovery and converting opportunities into realities.

2. You mentioned that you were an introvert, may I know to what extent?

I used to be very conscious about talking to women in school and college days. For that matter even during my days as a working professional. What would my friends, my colleagues think about me, what would the society think about me etc. I never had stage fear or fear of speaking in public as such. But I could not approach a woman other than studies/ work related scenario.

3. You are a pick-up artist, so what exactly does it mean? Is it the “Love Guru” in desi terms?

“Love Guru” pitches in at a much later stage. A pickup artist is someone like “the Hitch” movie character. I just pitch in, help you start a good conversation with a stranger, keep it funny, help you get her number and then walk away. Trust me, if you propose to the woman the first time you meet her, it wont work. It only works in movies and fairy tales.

4. From an introvert to a pick-up artist, what lead to the transformation?

Friends! If you are lucky enough to get a good bunch of friends, your life is set ! My initial opening-up came in 2012, when I found a group of friends in Hyderabad. After 2013, my friends in Gurgaon, especially my mentor (Binoy) helped me become who I am today, A Pickup Artist!

5. How did the idea of writing a book on the subject occur to you?

I used to write blogs since 2011. It was never my idea to write a book. I was just happy to have a good time in the social hangouts in Delhi, NCR. It was my mentor (Binoy) who jokingly said that I am such a social person that I could probably write a book on how to make new friends in a pub. I grabbed that opportunity. “The Universe” helped me too.

6. Will you be coming up with anything that might help women as well? The females need some guidance too.

Many of my readers have asked me the same question. I am still thinking. It needs a lot of research. Whatever I have written in my book, I had practiced it for the last 3 years. I don’t want to preach something that I don’t practice. Basic rule for men/ women is to start a conversation which keeps the loop going. If you just approach a person and say, “Hey you are cute”. That person will say “Thanks”. That’s it. The conversation ends there. You need to talk about “something else”, something which is of mutual interest to both of you and the in between bring up the compliment. And for that “something else” you can read my book. I have given 51 tips to be specific.

7. Have you had any students yet, trying to learn the art from you ?

Great question. In fact, there have been a few friends/ colleagues of mine who requested me upfront before hitting a pub. I would give them tips on how to approach a woman of their choice and almost all of them ended up having a good conversation. They thanked me in the end of course. Happy to teach!

8. How successful has been your love life with your techniques?

I made quite a few friends in Gurgaon in the last 3 years. I met them all in pubs btw. Again love life is a totally different universe as such and I don’t want to venture into it for this interview.

9. Finally a question that all women would love to know the answer to. How can a woman successfully a void a pick-up artist,resisting his charms ?

Haha, I wont be giving you the answer for that. However, in my book I have clearly mentioned that “Never ask the same question twice”. This means that if the woman says no, it means no. Nothing else. So just say “no thanks”, if you don’t like anyone’s approach or conversation starter.

10. What’s more important to you as an author, sales or satisfaction?

Satisfaction. After reading my book, even if one strangers mails me and tells me that they were able to engage in a successful conversation with a stranger in a social hangout, then my purpose is fulfilled!

Interviewed  By- Banaja Prakashini

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