“We all are born to wander”- An Interview with Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary

Pallavi kodan chaudhary

Today we have Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary , the author of Million Memories on board and we cannot have enough of how cute her little princess is.

We stole the Momma (Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary) when the baby was asleep and that’s how after 5 days of scheduling and rescheduling​, this interview came into being.

Yes! I literally bombarded her with my questions the moment she said the magic words, “The baby is asleep.” , and this happened at the middle of the night.


So without​ any further Ado, let’s get to the interview​.

BP : What are your views about wanderlust? (Question credits: Our detective (so-called of course) skills.)

PKC: Nothing better than getting the first question about wanderlust. I completely believe that we all are born to wander.

It is something that satisfies your inner self , so instead of making our thoughts wander all day we should sometimes take time and wander . Wanderlust is a beautiful term which inculcates in itself thousands of stories of people who love travelling.

I would love to quote few lines from my poem (my favorite lines)

“Yes , I have a crush on the world 

I want to meet new places everyday 

New faces, new places , new learnings 

After all not all classrooms have four walls . “


BP: Wonderful lines. The next question,  if you ever get the opportunity to write about a place, which one would it be and why?

PKC:  It will be undoubtedly Bhutan . I know it’s not a very common place heard or written about. But it’s a beautiful place to visit.  

The one thing I love about it is , it’s the happiest place to be.

It doesn’t have a GDP but contrary it has GNH that is Gross National Happiness which is incredible.

And it’s a very small state but happiest place with rich culture . I think people need to know about it that’s why it’s the place I will write about in future.


BP: When was the last time you were actually annoyed about something related to writing or books? 

PKC: I am an editor for few magazines and I get annoyed when I am asked to scrunch down an article. Though word limit is important part but for writers , everything they write comes from their heart .


BP: What’s the cutest incident related to your baby that you would like to share with us? If you have pictures to go with it, that would be awesome.

PKC: My day starts with a sunshine smile of my daughter . She makes my everyday memorable with cutest and loveliest activities. My most favorite one is when she and my sisters daughter play together , she tried to boss around her and even pulls her hair. Seeing both of them play is one of the most adorable sight .

Pallavi kodan chaudhary
Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary’s Princess.

BP:  If you would have been a citizen of USA, who would you have had your vote, Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton?

PKC: If I had to vote among the two , it would have to be Hilary Clinton .

Not only because I am in favour of feminism but also I feel Clinton supports a path to citizenship for Dreamers.

She doesn’t support deporting undocumented immigrants, unless they’re violent criminals or terrorists. This is huge peace of mind for 11 million people. Also , she supports 12 week of paid parental leave which is like a relief for all the parents out there. She also wants to support equal pay for woman as an important issue. 

Keeping all these things in my mind , I would have definitely voted for her . And as Hilary says ” US is better than Trump” .


BP: We have been reading your book Million Memories and we would like to know about the sweetest memory that you have about your childhood companions?

PKC: I had my elder sister and my childhood friend ( she is still my best friend ) as my companions and we used to do sleepovers at each other’s house , eat together , study together , play together , and that was the best time I ever had in my life .

I guess these memories are cherished forever . As they say ” a picture is worth a thousand words but memories are priceless “


BP: If you can be anything you want, for a day, what occupation would Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary choose and why?

PKC: I would love to be a story teller , telling stories to all the kids around .

It will help me spend time with kids who are extremely happy and cheerful during such sessions . Kids have that aura which makes me positive all through .

So that’s why I would love to be a teller telling tales and take them into an imaginary world where they can soar high with their dreams.

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BP: That’s so sweet. Time for something that would make you give the question a second look, 

What do you feel about pineapple on a pizza?

PKC: Hahahaha! I actually read it thrice to make sure what I read was correct. 

I guess somethings should be left alone the same way they are . After all “old is gold “.


BP: Because we are talking about Pizza, lets just get some answers about that, what are your feelings about a Biriyani Pizza? 

Would the foreigner(pizza) turned Desi (biriyani pizza) be able to catch up with the king (biriyani)?

PKC: Hmm that sounds interesting . A traditional touch in a modern thing will always be appreciated . And Indian biryani rocks . I can vouch for it.


BP: Next question, did your baby drive you crazy today? I meant, yesterday as its already past 12.

PKC: Haha yes , she is super super active whole day and night , and I try tony her levels but I still need to work much harder.


BP: As we are at the end of our interview, I prefer asking something related to your book, how would you explain your book “Million Memories to someone who is yet to hear about it?

PKC: The book takes you to a roller coaster ride of three friends.The book makes you cry, makes you laugh,makes you trigger your minds as well. The book has emotions of Love, Jealousy, Seduction,anger, and  Love. But it’s a feast for Woman, as it emphasis on ” How woman should be strong enough to take a stand for themselves , as if they don’t , nobody else will” . 

The book is a chocolate for young readers. It has every flavor and gist which makes it relate to everyone at some or the other point in their life. It’s a journey which highlights the importance of ‘choice’. And as the author says ” It’s not about what you loose , it’s about what you choose” .



And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for reading till the end as it makes us really proud for we could steal Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary and her time, too without disturbing the baby. (Yes, really proud)


Interviewed By- Banaja Prakashini


About the Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary-

Pallavi Kodan Chaudhary, an avid reader and writer, a Post Graduate in English Literature. Judge of Queen’s Commonwealth Essay 2015 from India. She has many National and International publications to her repute. This novel is very close to her heart.

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