Interview with Bharat Madan


I interviewed Bharat Madan whose musings are available in stores as Jim Morgan and the Seven sins.


Bharat Madan is a man set out to inspire stranded souls and it was an honour to be able to interact with him.
I would like to thank for the chance.
So here goes the interview.

Hello, thank you for the time you will spend on this interview. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I am an enthusiastic character. I like to describe myself as ‘Dynamic’ in one word. I was born and brought up in Jaipur in a business class family. My parents pioneered in Security Personnel industry and gave employment to thousands. Since childhood I have been good in many sports. I also learnt various dance forms. I have been a meritorious student in college and I received Shree Baljit Shastri Award and Best All Round Student, the highest awards of my college.
After college I became the Managing Director of my family business but after a year, I began pursuing my dream to be a Motivational Speaker and Writer.  
I like to keep myself occupied in creative endeavours and things that benefit people around me. Apparently I am the youngest member of Lions Club Jaipur Diamond and engaged in charitable activities like blood donation, tree plantation, distribution of food to hungry people, organizing medical camps, conducting motivational sessions, giving donations and assisting government schools and NGOs, helping differently and specially abled persons.

I just read the blurb of your book and clearly it’s something new among Indian authors, so what struck first, the idea of writing a book or the idea of the book itself?

The idea of writing something unique struck first. I always say that I am a spontaneous writer. Even if I plan on writing something, I end up writing something else. It is just natural. Everybody around me (avid readers) was tired of reading romance and college life stories. I also wanted to write something very different. Something that would make people say, ‘Wow, I can’t believe an Indian Writer has written it’. So in the mid of July 2016, one night I started to write whatever came to my mind. I didn’t have a direction and I was writing vaguely. What came out in an hour was very dark and had something related to a ‘Sin’. I had always been fond of Vedic Astrology and in an instant I was able to relate the cause of the sin. It was connected to Mars or Venus I think. At that moment I had my story. All I had to do was keep on writing. The coincidence is that the chapter that I started with is chapter number 16 of the book. 1+6=7. Seven number comes again.

How difficult was the research for relating the sins with the planets and all that search you had to do with the religious scriptures in order to make the story as a well framed one?

It was very difficult. I am not a great reader but my curiosity led me to read Bhagvad Gita, a little bit of Holy Bible and astrology books. The connection between Sins and Planets isn’t clearly mentioned in any book I read. So using my understanding of the subjects, I had to create a theory. When I came up with it and examined it, it made perfect sense to me. Now, writing a thriller requires a different approach. I had to choose between detailed orientation and fast paced focus. If I make it too much detailed instead of fast-paced, I as a reader would lose interest in my own work. So I decided that much of astrological implications would be kept in the next few books of Jim Morgan series. You won’t find connection of Sins and Vedic Astrology in a novel with a touch of spirituality, as best as I know. This coupled with mystery and thrill definitely makes it unique.

Why Jim Morgan? Why not Joey Tribbiani or Dale Matthews etc etc?

When I thought about God’s character, only one person came in my mind- Morgan Freeman. His persona and expressions fitted the character. In Hindu Culture you would see that God has innumerable forms and names so I decided not to be biased and simply call him God. Morgan name was still with me. So I kept the Protagonist’s name as Morgan. I tried putting many first names and last names but Morgan suited as the last one. Jim connected to me instantly. It felt approachable and friendly. I asked a few of my students and they gave their consent. Jim Morgan was what I liked and so I kept it.

Do you believe in GOD?

Yes I do. The reason why I believe in God is actually given in the book. You will easily spot it.

You are one of the quite dedicated and inspiring people I have met. So why inspire students and try to make them find a way when you can settle down with a normal job and live a life of ease?

My parents created a life of ease for me. So I don’t really need a job. They fulfilled all my desires since childhood. When I lost my father, I was thirteen. My mother gave me the love of both a mother and a father but in school, I felt lonely. I wanted somebody in life who would have all the answers of the world. I wanted someone I could sit with, talk to and in an instant get motivation. Life is good to me, but wasn’t that great. I decided that I would not let anyone else feel the same, at least not around me. Students talk to me on Facebook all the time. Many come to my place for fun and help. Some tried committing suicide because parents, teachers, friends don’t understand them. So they come to me because they feel I understand them and they believe that I can give them direction. This is the kind of life I choose. Before I die, I wish to contribute as much as I can because it pains me to see a kid sad. I wish to spread happiness.

According to you, what does it take to be an author? A good story that would contribute to literature or a wish that a person wants to have a book to his/ her name.

Definitely a captivating story that contributes to literature. I have seen so many successful authors. Critics from literature world, reviewers and many readers don’t really respect them for their work. Criticism will always come but if your work is genuinely good, people respect you. That’s something only few authors with great stories command. Authors have a great responsibility and they must understand that before writing. They influence people.

Can you say something about your journey from being a person with a manuscript to an author of a published book ? How was the struggle ?

I am a self-published author. I never tried for publishers. Many students don’t write even when they want to. They criticize their work because they think it would not get published. A lot of people say that success depends on the publisher. I wish to change that. Imagine, if success happened without them. People will start writing because then they won’t have a fear of rejection. Times are changing and traditions too must evolve. If I can inspire just a few, I will feel great. 

A tough question, what’s more important, sales or satisfaction?

Satisfaction will come to me if I make great sales. I am involved in various charitable activities. Recently I went to a government school and aided them in cleaning operations. The school’s health environment is terrible. Students can’t study if foul smell from their own toilets reaches their classes. The teachers and administration do their bit and I did mine. Since I do so many things at various places, I can do only little for them now. Higher sales means that I will make money and if I make money, I can do better for a lot of people.

What’s the motto of your life?

I used to have one, ‘If you’re good, work hard and become better and when you become better, work smart to become the best’. Now it is, ‘You become successful when you make others successful’. That’s what I am trying to do. I try contributing to lives as much as I can. 

Final question, does Jim Morgan get some rest after this or he’s all set for some other adventure?

He gets both. Rest for a while and then action. You can expect this in Jim Morgan and the…… You have to wait for it.

Not all people are enthusiastic about answering questions from a stranger, nor do all authors give answers interesting enough for someone to invest their time by reading them.
Bharat Madan here does both and I am eagerly waiting for his book to arrive so that I can read it.

Interviewed By- Banaja Prakashini

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