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Here I interview Aditti Gaur whose musings are available in the stores today in the form of , Adhira- Love Lost and Found.

Aditti Gaur was born in New Delhi, but her complete upbringing was done in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Years later, she moved to Gurgaon in 2011, post her marriage. She worked for the leading DTH Company for almost 5 to 6 years. She holds a respectable past experience working and is currently a published author who writes her thoughts in her blog.

So here goes the interaction that I had with her.

Question– We know about your professional life, so how is Aditti Gaur up close in person?
I have always been an introvert person. Loves to hide in my own space with a book, coffee & music. 3 Magical things of my life. I love being a loner and hates when somebody ask to join them socially. I love being with my family. A funny, quirky, witty, crazy & idiot scorpion soul who is passionate for everything she loves.

Question– How did you disclose to your family that you wanted to write a book? What was the reaction you received?
Actually, my family got to know about my writing skills first. Then, they started convincing me to take it passionately. Ashish (My Husband) not only encouraged me to write but also supported me alot.

Question- Being the mother of a sweet little child, how did you manage the time to write a book? We know that kids demand a lot of time and care.

It’s a tough task, actually. She is a toddler and she demands my whole attention this time. At first, when she was 6 months old, I got confused about how best to manage my time between her and writing, but then things got better gradually. As I had to surrender to the situations that I can only work at nights. Since then, I’ll spend my day time with Riddhi (My Daughter) & my night time with Adhira (My first child). This is how I spend my day.

Question– What was the journey of “Adhira” from an idea in your head to a book in your hands? (Do say about how you got in contact with your MAD publishers.)
Since childhood or you can say school days, I had a strange habit of writing fictional scenes into my daily diaries. Which were inspired from the things happening around me, this strange habit followed me after my marriage also. Just the intensity of the scenes keeps on changing, from childhood’s immature memories to grown up mature dramas. One fine day, my husband got one of my diary and he read the things I wrote in that, he instantly came up with the idea of story writing. After several denies from my side I had to agree on that because he was so sure that I can do it. And that’s how Adhira born out of my mind.
We published the 1st version of Adhira last year. Which unfortunately didn’t do well because the book lacks in editing and promotions. Though, readers & reviewers’ response to the story is very positive.
After that debacle, I decided to quit but Tushti (Who is not only my publisher but my friend first), Sandeep & Ashish forced me to come up with the better and refined version of Adhira. Their team effort brought 2nd edition of Adhira to the markets.

Question– How would you explain your upcoming book ” Adhira” to someone who never heard of it?
If you want to read about a girl’s journey of overcoming her complexities life thrown at her, go get yourself a copy of Adhira. If you want to feel the magic of undying love & faith, go get yourself a copy of Adhira. If you want an inspiration for lifetime, go get yourself a copy of Adhira, read it and pass it on the ones you love and cares about.

Question– . Do tell our readers something about the articles you write and your website.
My love for diary writing brought me to this field and I started writing articles about love, health, relationships, lifestyles & numerology on my blog. I write about the things I believe in.

Question– We all had some master goals set for us when we were kids. So what was little Aditti’s goal?
I was a hopelessly average student who just wanted to clear her basics with good percentage. As far as a master goal is concerned, I don’t remember if I had any such plans for my future.

Question- Some writers, while working on their manuscript tend to mix up the fictional characters with the real life ones. Any such incident that you would like to share with us?
No, I haven’t faced any incident similar to this. All my characters are purely fictional. But, yes, I agree to this statement, it happens many times that we got so influenced & inspired from someone’s personality or characteristics that we end up putting those qualities in our characters.

Question– Time for a fun question. You must have read fictions. Given a chance, which fictional character would you like to go on a date with?
I have been reading a lot of books since childhood and still going on but, there is no such character who mesmerized me to this level that I could plan on going a date with him. Until now, now I can willingly say that I would love to go on a date with my own fictional character ‘Shekhar’. He gave me numerous sleepless nights while sketching his character.

Question– Would you mind sharing with our readers, the names of books and writers that inspire you?Some of us could surely use some inspiration.

No, I don’t mind sharing my book lists with you. It’s a pleasure for me to tell you about my favourite authors and their creations. I read book of every genre from romance to comedy, horror to suspense, English British classics to Indian mythological, everything. I read creations of Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, Kahlil Gibran, Sidney Shelton, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Christopher. C. Doyle, Ashwin Sanghi & even E. L. James too. But my favourite genre will always be suspense thrillers. Though, I write in romance genre but I have deep love for suspense thrillers, whether it is from English author or Indian.
In my childhood days I used to read Charles Dickens & Rabindranath Tagore’s books. But, that time I never ever dreamt of writing my one own fictional story. Writing comes to me as a surprise.

Question– Any word of advice for the readers and aspiring authors?
Write from your heart put your soul in your story and have faith in your dreams.

Question–  And now, the final question without which the interview would go incomplete. Do we get to read another book from you?
Yes. Currently, I am writing a sequel to Adhira… love: lost & found.

Check out the book at- Adhira

Interviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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