Coffee Days, Champagne nights, Cupid genies, Other secrets- Interview with Kainaz Jussawalla

Here we have the beautiful Kainaz Jussawalla with her book Coffee Days, Champagne Nights and Other secrets , fresh out of the Crossword’s writing initiative The Write Place.

Kainaz dedicated her entire evening to patiently listening to our questions and doing absolute justice to their crazy level with her amazing answers which by no way anyone would wish to miss.

So without further ado, lets just get into the Q/A session.

(The ones in the italics (BP) are the questions and statements by the interviewer and the answers are in bold(KJ) by the author herself)


BP: I got the chance to interview you because of your book, Coffee Days, Champagne nights and other secrets, so lets start with it. The “coffee days” say that you are hardworking, the “champagne nights” mean you are fun, so tell us a bit about those “other secrets”.

KJ: Secrets ….? Ha ha ! 

I am so secretive in real life that sometimes even my right hand does not know what my left hand is upto. My friends and family sometimes get frustrated with my confidential stance and mysterious ways.


BP: That’s a real good package to keep, mystery makes people curious you know.?

KJ: Yes …very ! And also gives that unpredictability factor. Which resonates in all my stories.

BP: Lets move on to our next question which might be a bit tough to choose. Which American TV series is better, Friends or Game Of Thrones and why? 

Psst- Don’t tell me you haven’t watched any, I will have to change the question.


KJ: Friends friends friends !

I watch the reruns anytime I have to destress and even when I have nothing else to watch .

And I know every dialogue of every season by heart!

I’m a combination of Rachel’s vanity , Monica’s OCD’s and Phoebe’s slight weirdness.


BP: Ah! That divine combination.❤

When and where did you have your best sip of anything in terms of wine, champagne, vodka, tequila etc. ?

KJ: Whoa!!! I am a teetotaller don’t you know ? ?!!! Only Kidding  !  

All my girls nights  out I have had the best Long Island ice teas, danced on tables ( if you must know ) and had a blast !

Kainaz Jussawalla
© Kainaz Jussawalla

BP: Wow! Dancing on tables, real time goals.?

KJ: Blue frog, sheiros, etc 

My lAst fun outing was at Play where we managed to wangle drinks and food on the house.

BP: Pardon me for stalking a bit of your Facebook profile, but my work makes me do so and I love my work.

So, what name do we have for this shade of Kainaz Jussawalla? (Picture below)

Kainaz Jussawalla
Kainaz Jussawalla. Picture Courtesy © Kurush Umrigar


KJ: That shade means out of control, no limits and whacko, balanced with the other pensive and serious moods I got clicked that day.

And yes you can stalk cause you are allowed to.?

BP: You stole my heart with that. Next question,what’s your favourite kind of coffee?

KJ: Honestly any coffee is good coffee . A regular cappuccino is my favourite though. I prefer hot to cold ! I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t get my caffeine buzz  by evening . It is a ritual.

For me to have at least one coffee if not more per day.

BP: The next might sound weird but you are in the flying crew and I really wanted to ask so here I go, have you even danced while doing your chores while the plane is in the air?

KJ: Uhh no ! But I have sung ….it’s been a hard days night !Beatles ?

Oh wait a minute yes ofcourse sometimes in the galley when crew are having a break after the service, maybe a small tango just for fun.

Definitely not in front of customers though.

I’m going to be in trouble after this interview with my frank replies.?

BP: Haha! Moving on, I have always fancied the flying crew. What’s it like, travelling to places and interacting with people from different nations ?

KJ: It is quite amazing . The world is full of different people and so much to learn from them . Traveling has opened my mind, made me so patient and makes it so much easier to write . Your whole view of life expands . You also realise you are one drop in the mighty sky or ocean and that to make a difference you have to make that extra effort. And be humble at the same time.


BP: We are almost halfway through the interview and I have am smart enough to have realised that Kainaz Jussawalla is a fun person to be with, but what does she like doing when she is all alone?

KJ: Day dreaming ! I don’t stop ! I’m Almost always in love . If not in love then definitely the idea of it.

I think and think on things till the cows come home , so it is important to keep occupied . I spend time with my family and of course pray a lot when alone.


BP: Time for my favourite question, when  did you have your first crush? 

May I do the gustakhi of asking who was the lucky one?

KJ: First one was a moustache Parsi fellow who used to visit some neighbour . We called him Tarzan the apeman !

Thankfully the crushed passed after we met a few times and The Ape man was better of in the jungle. It was when I was 13 to 16.


BP: Imagine you have a cupid genie who grants you three dates with any three people you like. Who are going to be the chosen ones?

KJ: Where is that Cupid genie ? 

I will go out first date with him only …imagine the love he carries .

S R K, Sharukh Khan definitely one hot date I want . I want  !

And then with my best friend, let’s call him PS! Cause I think it has the potential of  being a new book waiting to be written….

I’m gonna be in so much trouble.

BP: I don’t know about the trouble, but I love your answers.

 I haven’t had any Parsi friends so the next question is to feed my curiosity. What’s the best thing about being a Parsi?

KJ: Having the freedom to live life the way we want’s a very open minded religion with lots of tolerance . Everywhere you go you are welcome cause we known to be peaceful and warm.

And our mad sense of genetic humour is the bestest part. And now you have a Parsi friend !

BP: I am a foodie, which Parsi dish would you to like to recommend that will be a treat for my taste buds?

KJ: If you are non veg then defi salli boti( mutton with thin potato chips on top ) 

Dhansak( made of seven dals) patra ni machi( fish made with green chutney wrapped in banana leaf ) and anything per edu( we love our eggs). I’m Eggeterian. So I substitute with tofu and paneer.


BP: They sound heavenly.?

With all that stalking I did, I got to a conclusion that you love travelling, explains the air crew part, where did you go for your last trip, abroad, anything remarkable about the place and the trip?

KJ:  London .  We travel there often . Shopping , enjoying the vibe and simply breathing in the energy makes it remarkable . But last time I made it to Waterstones a famous book chain there and they were very very enthu at a new author visiting from India and even offered to do a book reading.

BP: Coming to the last question and probably the sweetest thing that I got to know about your book, three of the seven short stories of Coffee Days and Champagne Nights are available at a number of schools in Mumbai in Braille script format, when and how did you think of such an amazing thing? That was really thoughtful of you to have taken such a step.

KJ: My heart goes out to the visually challenged , in fact anyone who has some disability .

Anyways life is hard enough and they have it even tougher.

I have worked with the visually challenged, taught English and spoken of my travels . They are positive and loving beings who see the bright side of life . I end up taking much more from them than the other way round 

I made a pact with myself that every book I write will be in Braille too . They should depend on no one to read novels..  

If I had the money I would convert many like that to Braille.

Kainaz Jussawalla’s book Coffee Days ,  Champagne Nights and Other Secrets is available on Amazon so hurry and grab your copy here.

And also in Crosswords store, Mumbai.


Interviewed By- Banaja Prakashini


About the author- Kainaz Jussawalla flies the high skies as an International Cabin Crew. As a journalist she has written for Savvy, Times of India, Debonair, and Bandra Buzz. A self-confessed contradiction- she engages deeply with spirituality and also enjoys breaking rules!

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