Review Pen: Yama by Kevin Missal


Review on “Yama” by Kevin Missal.

Iravan Rajpoot is an ex-commando who works in a security agency leading a normal life with his schizophrenic wife Rutvi Rajpoot , two grownup kids and his nephew Vardhaan as his intern.
His boring life takes a turn when he receives letters with an encrypted message asking him to find the sins and the hell to which the person belongs whose name is enlisted in the letter, along with a deadline till which the person will be dead if Iravan fails to answer the name of the hell.
The rush to find the killer after the death of the guy mentioned in the first letter  cuts Iravan’s distance with his children, he realises the need to be good parent and a good husband and is able to see through the evil inside him. He regrets his mistakes in the past and tends to be a better person.m
The book is about a killer who thinks he is the Hindu God of Death, Yama among humans and he needs to punish the evil doers and relieve the society from the burden of their existence.

The appearance of the mythological God of death from the first page makes the book fascinating. The book thrills the reader as the characters and their stories are revealed page by page.
The book shows , how evil runs through the veins of our society and it requires the birth of another necessary evil so as to irradicate the evil already present.

Ratings – 3 out of 5 stars.

The story has ununiform pace and the plot twists though unexpected , aren’t that surprising and leaves you expecting more.
The book gets better towards the end which happens to be quite unpredictable and will be appreciated by readers. The end whispers that even the worst of deeds can be met with humane justice.

Man’s past can make him, can destroy him and can even give birth to YAMA.
A must read for those who are beginners at reading thrillers.

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* We live in a world, where there is evil and lesser evil.

Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini.

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