Review Pen: Kama Dahana by Venkatesh Prabhu


Book– Kama Dahana
Author– Venkatesh Prabhu
Previous Works– Eleven works in Kannada , Ennedeya Nudi (Poetry) , Dyavanna Mastru (Drama), Vrukshastra (Novel), Katha Sumagalu (Collection Of Short Stories), for instance.
Author contact –
Publishers– Petal Publishers.
Number of Pages–  207

Kama Dahana, as the name suggests , is the story of Paramashiva Gowda and his journey from a noble man to a lecher.
The book starts with the plight and pitiful condition of a maiden whose chastity has been robbed off by Paramashiva. Later the plot shifts to the past in order to let the readers know about the maiden and how she became a prey to the animal in Paramashiva.
As the story unfolds , the reader comes to know how the irresponsible Parami became a noble Paramashiva who was honoured by the king for his kindness, how Bhaira became his soulmate, how he tied knots with his wife Anasuya, how he got himself indulged in debauchery, how his acts of exploitation and his thirst for untouched maidens reached their peak.
The book might be a perfect example of  William Congreve’s idiom ‘ Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ‘.
The book shows that our choices make us what we are today and how our choices can be manipulated by people on whose minds evil reign. The story makes the reader come across a variety of women, the woman who was loyal, the woman who gave in to her desires, the woman who sacrificed herself for her family’s need, the woman who raised her daughter like a flower, the woman who couldn’t bear the world’s vulgarity and the woman who avenged herself.
The book is written in easy english so it will be easier to be followed by most of the people.

Ratings – 2.8 out of 5 stars.
The book has certain errors in editing, the use of tenses have been violated at times, use of certain incovenient words and spelling mistakes.
The plot has certain loopholes and the book could use a good editor’s work.

In the era of heroes and villains , Kama Dahana is a story without a hero, it’s the villain that reigns the book.

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Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini

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