Review Pen: Heart of Bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha


Review on ” Heart of Bullets ” by Nikhil Kushwaha .

The book starts with a piece of poetry with truth hidden in the verse.
Said to be a tale of brotherhood, heroism, love and betrayal the book features the story of Arpan, Sameeer and Shradha.
Arpan and Sameer are Intelligence Officers in the Indian Army and happen to be childhood best buddies as well. Two chapters down and the reader will be able to make out that Sameer and Shradha were teenage sweethearts and something happened between them because of which they live in each other’s hearts but even a mere exchange of words seems a burden for them. And that ” something ” is what will keep the reader want to go on with the story.
The story is narrated by Arpan in both present and past participle form of tense.
The narration in past form being graspable, the present form needs some more work on it.
The story cradles in it the struggles of the army, a teenage story of love , misunderstanding, sacrifice, heart break and the naked truth behind the life of a soldier .
Everytime there is a mission to be fulfilled , there are lives at stake, there are enemies ready to pounce on you, there is a family waiting for you to return to them , but duty sees no fear , no family, it just sees the nation’s  well-being.
Readers who happen to be poem lovers as well would love the story as verses keep peeping in between the book. The author’s poetry writing skills are worth being appreciated.

Ratings – 2.2 out of 5 stars.

The reader will have to deal with minor grammatical errors, spelling mistakes due to poor editing.

The book has highlighted quotes which could have been better.

The use of some quotes at some places doesn’t build anticipation to read further, but creates confusion in the reader’s mind regarding the storyline.

Each chapter starts with a truckload of advices about life which despite being true and written with effort for the well being of the reader might bore the person, especially when someone is too eager to know what happens next in the story, the reader’s impatience leads to annoyance.

The best thing about the book, the reason of conflict between Sameer and Shradha is not a guessable affair because the author keeps proving the guesses wrong during the course of the story.

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* The world suffers, not because of the dirty works of bad people, but for the ignorance of good people.

* We all are passengers of a train called life, the duration and destination to which is pre-planned.

* The only thing unchangeable about this world is the constant change.

*  Youth is just for once, so run till the time your bones aren’t old and sing till your voice is sweet.

* People say, there is a woman behind every successful man. I wonder why people chase success , why not women ?

* School, a place where money doesn’t matter, marks does.

* Crush is the only reason why being single is not boring.

* Loving a girl is a second thought. One should learn to respect her first.

* Life is a diary, the pages of which are decided by fate and the words by us.

Reviewed by – Banaja Prakashini.

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