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Book – Anything To Look Hot.
Author – Jas Kohli
Previous Works– None
Author Contact –
Publisher– Srishti Publishers.
Number of Pages – 196


Anything to look hot‘ is a medical fiction written by Jas Kohli who happens to be a Plastic Surgeon.
The book contains the candid confessions of a plastic surgeon named Dhruv Khanna about the terms and turns in his life from the day he attained Plastic Surgery as his specialized field.
The book wraps in it’s pages the story of Dhruv and his journey from a simple medical intern to Mumbai’s top plastic surgeon. From perfectionist seniors to arrogant patients, falling in love to getting married, being insulted to being appreciated, professionalism to raging desires, Dhruv deals with them all .
The book features the dedication of a medico to his work and the lunacy among people to own bodies moulded into perfection , even if it’s the doctor’s needle which does the moulding.

The book is a diet of drama with a tinge of humour for the readers.
While most of the books feature a patient and depict their feelings, ‘Anything to look hot‘ is written in the point of view of a doctor and the change in his mindset along with the change in the surrounding environment.
The editing is appreciable and the language used in the book is proper and upto the mark of expectation.

Ratings – 3.8 out of 5 stars.

The book will interest only a particular section of readers and might be a work of boredom for others. People who have admired or aspired to be a doctor atleast once in their life will be ones who will find the book appealing .
The storyline turns at bit dull in the middle.

The book is an informative fiction and despite the minor flaws is a good read.

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*Make the sullen mirrors of your patients turn friendly.
* Nobody is totally good or completely awful.
*  Smart work always scored over hard work.
* To enjoy your profession , you have to see it in a different light. It will give you a lot of satisfaction, respect and prestige. Even the money will follow, but a bit later.
* Sleep brought no succour as nightmares tormented me further.
* Instant gratification with nil or minimum downtime is the new mantra.
* Medical technology is advancing incredibly fast. The gains in the next ten or twenty years could be much more than what we achieved in the last century.
* A plastic surgeon should never tell anybody to age gracefully. Rather their motto should be to make people age youthfully.

Reviewed by- Banaja Prakashini

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