Mahevash Shaikh

Review Pen: Busting Clichés By Mahevash Shaikh

Author– Mahevash Shaikh Book– Busting Clichés Previous Works– Debut Novel Publishers– APK Publishers Number of Pages– 182 Format– Paperback Blurb- Where there’s a will, there’s a way Blood is thicker than…

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Review Pen: Scent Of An Undiscovered Writer By Callre

Author– Callre Book– Scent Of An Undiscovered Writer Previous Works– Debut Novel Publishers– Notionpress Publishers Number of Pages– 238 Format– Paperback Blurb- This is the story of a guy who started…

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Sonu Bhasin

Review Pen: The Inheritors by Sonu Bhasin

Author– Sonu Bhasin Book– The Inheritors: Stories Of Entrepreneurship and Success Previous Works–  Debut Novel Publishers– Penguin Random House India Number of Pages– 304 Format– Paperback Blurb- Why did Harsh Mariwala…

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