Maniissh aroraa

Review Pen: Sunshine Town By Maniissh Aroraa

Author– Maniissh Aroraa Book– Sunshine Town Previous Works– Debut novel Publishers– Peacock Books (Atlantic Publishers) Number of Pages– 194 Format– Paperback Blurb- Shlok, a lanky teenager, a daydreamer, doesn’t want…

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Prem purana by Usha narayanan

Review Pen: Prem Purana by Usha Narayanan

Author–  Usha Narayanan Book- Prem Purana Previous Works–  Publishers- Penguin Random House India Number Of Pages-  286 Pages Format– Paperback Blurb– Pradyumna: Son of Krishna, The Secret of God’s Son, The Madras Mangler,…

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A reason to watch Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries, quite a thing, isn’t it? We must admit, after watching Twilight, every other thing with teenagers, supernatural entities and love stories seemed quite Twilight-ish to us. In our…

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maniissh aroraa

Cover Reveal: Sunshine Town by Maniissh Aroraa

                                           Sunshine Town by MANIISSH ARORAA Genre- Romance/ Life Releases- 24th…

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