Anxious Habits

Review pen: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

Book– Anxious People Author– Fredrik Backman Previous Works– A Man called Ove, Bear Town, Us against You, Blurb- It’s New Year’s Eve and House Tricks estate agents are hosting an…

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Ganesh Natarajan

Review Pen: Accelerating Digital Success by Ganesh Natarajan, Uma Ganesh, Lavanya Jayaram

Author– Ganesh Natarajan, Uma Ganesh, Lavanya Jayaram Book– Accelerating Digital Success Previous Works–  From Start-Up to Global Success: The Zensar Story, What we really want? Blurb- Worldwide business transformation is taking…

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Saravanan Marimuthu

Review Pen: The Quantum Reality of Life by Saravanan Marimuthu

Author– Saravanan Marimuthu Book– The Quantum Reality of Life Previous Works– Debut Novel Blurb- Seeking is a natural attribute of mankind that propels us through time to find answers to the…

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Manoj V Jain

Review Pen : Meeting Yama by Manoj V Jain

Author– Manoj V Jain Book– Meeting Yama Previous Works– Dystopia, Ramona, A Man from Mandu Blurb- From the moment we are born, we start our journey towards death. Some walk slowly,…

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Samridh Seth

Review Pen: Past Dwellers by Samridh Seth

Author– Samridh Seth Book– Past Dwellers Previous Works– Debut Novel Blurb- The past is not a permanent state of being, but a stepping stone to the future. Instead of dwelling on…

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Vivek Kumar

Review Pen: The Fishbowl by Vivek Kumar

  Author– Vivek Kumar Book– The Fishbowl – Story of the Storyteller Previous Works– To catch a smile, To Catch A Butterfly, Love, Me & Bullshit Blurb- It’s all just a…

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Hector Garcia

Review Pen: Ikigai By Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

Author– Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles Book– Ikigai – The Japanese secret to a long and happy life Previous Works– Ichigo Ichie Blurb- The people of Japan believe that everyone has…

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Amy Schumer

Review Pen: The Girl With The Lower Back tattoo by Amy Schumer

Author– Amy Schumer Book– The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo Previous Works– Debut Novel Blurb- From award-winning comedian, writer, producer and actress Amy Schumer comes The Girl with the Lower…

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Nandita Saini

Review Pen: World’s Best Husband by Nandita Saini

Author– Nandita Saini Book– World’s Best Husband Previous Works– Debut Novel Blurb- We have read stories of Love-Marriages, Arrange-Marriages and Love-cum-Arrange Marriages. This is a heart-warming story of an Arrange-cum-Love Marriage…

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Col KK Sharma

Review Pen: Paltan Tales & Random Jottings by Col KK Sharma

Author– Col KK Sharma Book– Paltan Tales and Random Jottings Previous Works– Debut novel Blurb- Soldiering is a tough job, and guarding the frontiers of the nation is a responsibility shouldered…

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