lipstick by vish dhamija

Review Pen: Lipstick by Vish Dhamija

Author– Vish Dhamija Book– Lipstick Previous Works– Unlawful Justice, Bhindi Bazaar, The Mogul, Heist Artist Blurb-  DCP Rita Ferreira is called into the investigation after a third corpse is discovered in…

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Tilak Dutta

Review Pen: A Tryst With Mahakaal by Tilak Dutta

Author–Tilak Dutta Book– A Tryst With Mahakaal Previous Works– Debut Novel Blurb-   Leela does not believe in fate, but when she is saved from political assassins by an ascetic, Mahakaal,…

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Santhosh Komaraju

Review Pen: Walks Through Life by Santhosh Komaraju

Author– Santhosh Komaraju Book– Walks Through Life Previous Works– Debut Novel Blurb- Find that majestic mango, your problem will be solved—a mystic ordered an individual who asked for help. My ax…

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Santhosh Komaraju

Review Pen: When I Met Myself by Shreyansh Dixit

Author–Shreyansh Dixit Book– When I Met Myself Previous Works– Debut Novel Blurb- What is the purpose of my existence? All I do seems worthless; every accomplishment is followed by the desperation…

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Ashmita Reddy

Review Pen: The Shero By Ashmita Reddy

Author–Ashmita Reddy Book– The Shero- Silent Hero Previous Works– Close to my heart Blurb- This story revolves around Sachi Ved Agnihotri. She is a very ambitious and determined girl. She has…

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Mum and Princess

Review Pen: The Adventures of Mum and Princess by Payel Bhattacharya

Book – The Adventures of Mum and Princess Author – Payel Bhattacharya Previous Works – Midnight, A Warrior Dies Dancing  Blurb Mum has an unexpectedly brilliant and problem-solving mind and enjoys the guise…

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payel Bhattacharya

Review Pen: Midnight by Payel Bhattacharya

Author – Payel Bhattacharya Book – Midnight Previous Works – The Adventures of Mum and Princess, A Warrior Dies Dancing  Blurb Mina Carter is a gifted child. She has an unusual ability. The…

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Review Pen: Still Loved Still Missed By Mridula

Author – Mridula Book – Still Loved Still Missed Previous Works – Debut Novel  Blurb ““Still loved…Still missed! The myriad hues of souls” is a collection of 14 short stories and…

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Nita J Kulkarni

Review Pen: The Hawa Mahal Murders by Nita J Kulkarni

Author– Nita J Kulkarni Book– The Hawa Mahal Murders Previous Works–  Debut Novel Publishers– Vishwakarma Publications Number of Pages–  286 Format– Paperback Blurb- It was an old building in Mumbai, a…

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Mithilesh Kumar

Review Pen: Supercop Of Aryavrat by Mithilesh Kumar

Author– Mithilesh Kumar Book– Supercop Of Aryavrat Previous Works– Debut Novel Publishers– Authors Upfront Number of Pages– 286 Format– Paperback Blurb- “Do you think you are the SuperCop of Aryavrat?” Balram’s…

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